Consistently Inconsistent!


One thing is for sure there are some signs of improvement but so far they have been consistently inconsistent when it comes to overall play throughout the entire game.

If the game would have been stopped at halftime It would have been a close game in fact had it not been for a few miscuses as well as a few missed field goal attempts the Dolphins would have gone into the half most likely with a lead.

But much like the Dallas game the second half produced zero results, in fact the Dolphins have not scored in the second half so far this year.

The Dolphins have been losing at record pace but each game they lose a little less and still they basically have been blow out all four games.

There are a number reasons why this is happening none more than the youth and inexperienced of the team and the lack of talent overall, in fact even players who are starters would most likely be backups on other teams. 

Josh Rosen again had a great first half in fact he’s been the only bright spot so far that’s been consistent since he’s been starting. Can you imagine if they surround him with the proper talent what his potential could be?

We knew what we were getting into and was warned  in advance what the Dolphins intent was this year so if you’re a true fan you’re going to have to suck it up and just continue to try to enjoy the games and look for whatever talent arises throughout this season as we head towards a momentus offseason with many changes ahead.

Until then we just might as well identify players who are taking that next leap The great news is at the most important position on the team I personally feel Josh Rosen is making a good case to be the starter for our Dolphins for the near future.

Yes the Dolphins most likely will draft a quarterback in 2020 and or 2021 to compete with Josh and there’s nothing wrong with competition, Josh currently have a great advantage over any quarterback to be drafted next year because Josh is learning the offense and starting to understand fully the playbook, his teammates and what he can and what he cannot do.

One pleasant surprise so far this season has been the play of DeVante Parker he’s starting to look like the player we had hoped for and a lot of that has to do with Josh Rosen’s ability to throw the deep ball as well as having a good person across from him Preston Williams who is coming along as a potential keeper.

A few other players have also started to show signs that they are keepers like Kenyan Drake and Taco Charlton also our rookie offense lineman MichaelDeiter is also showing signs that he might also be on the future roster.

Have you noticed anybody that comes to your attention?

Let me know in the comments below…

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