Evaluating Josh Rosen Game 1

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Josh Rosen completed his first game as Miami’s starter for the 2019 season and it was not an easy game for him to go into especially considering the circumstances surrounding a weak offensive line.

I’m not here to make excuses for Josh due to the offensive lines poor condition because the reality is it is what it is and any quarterback will have to play in that situation, Ryan Fitzpatrick had to play for the same offensive line too.

With that being said Josh Rosen did pretty well considering the circumstances, In fact had it not been for some drops, fumbles and a few other miscues his numbers would have been better.

Josh Rosen finished the game 18-for-39 for 200 yards with no touchdowns and no interceptions.

Pedestrian numbers to say the least but given the lack of support from his skill players as well as offensive line if you look at his overall play Josh Rosen did pretty good.

Overall I gave him a B for his first game on the road against one of the top NFC teams in the hostile environment of the Dallas Cowboys home field.

You can immediately see that Josh Rosen has an arm, he throws the ball very well and he was able to move well within the pocket to avoid their pass rush. The Dolphins made sure they had max protect for him which helped out especially in a first half of the game where he played very well.

His first game showed that he has something to build on what the team needs to do is to continue to improve, go back look at the film correct mistakes and move on to the next game.

This is a long process of evaluation and if Josh Rosen can continue to play at the level he played Sunday against the Cowboys and improve on it there’s going to be no doubt as to who should be the Dolphins starting  quarterback moving forward.

I have been excited for Josh Rosen ever since the Dolphins spent the second round pick on him, I think he is the answer and I’m looking forward to Josh Rosen to continue to improve because as the Dolphins improve the talent around him and with him playing at a good level, can you imagine the elite level he should be able to play at when he has better talent around him.

The future is bright and it’s looking even brighter now that Josh Rosen appears to be headed towards solidifying the starting role as Miami’s quarterback of the future.

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