Time To Evaluate Josh Rosen!

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It’s a little earlier than I wanted but the reality is after the two thrashings that our Dolphins received with Ryan Fitzpatrick as our starting quarterback can things get any worse?

I’m sure nobody expected for this team to start off this bad especially when we thought Ryan Fitzpatrick at least could hold down the fort for a while and allow Josh Rosen time to learn the system a little better before he started.

After last week’s loss to the New England Patriots I said to myself that it can’t get any worse it might be time to start Josh Rosen despite my misgivings of putting him in this early.

So the Dolphins have ushered in the Josh Rosen era, coach Brian Flores said Josh has been practicing well and they like what they see, they think he’s ready so the question is why not put him in especially after the first two debacles.

The clock now starts on evaluating Josh Rosen and it could not come at a more difficult time against one of the best teams in the NFL the Dallas Cowboys on the road.

As a fan I am disappointed in the early start I never thought that the team would start this badly because it has complicated the rebuilding process.

If the Dolphins had at least been competitive in the first two games there wouldn’t be so many angry fans and questions surrounding the rebuild.

But after stumbling out of the gate with the worst stats in the history of the NFL many are questioning weather the Dolphins have gone too far in what they call tanking.

No longer is it just practice for Josh Rosen but now his true evaluation starts, hopefully this Sunday he can get things moving a little better than journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick’s been able to do.

I’m truly looking forward to Josh Rosen starting  and wish him the best because I feel he’s going to be a very good quarterback for the Miami Dolphins for years to come.  I’m just hoping that it is not premature to put Rosen in at this stage especially against the Dallas Cowboys on the road.

I was hoping that the Dolphins would allow him to sit at least until the bye week if not the whole season (which may have been a little unrealistic) everyone wants to know more than anything else if Josh Rosen is the answer and hopefully he’ll have the next 14 games to continue to develop his game and build a report with the team and the fans that gives us confidence that the Dolphins might not need to spend their first pick in the 2020 draft on a quarterback.

For now it’s Josh Rosen’s time and he could not have come up against a bigger test than this Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys hopefully he can make a game of it and win over some fans and take a big step forward towards being the Dolphins long term answer at quarterback.

The good thing is he gets an opportunity to be evaluated for the next 14 games and even going into next year he should have the advantage at starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins no matter what they decide to do in the draft.

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