The Perfect Storm

cropped-miami-dolphins.jpgIn a year when the Dolphins decided to totally rebuild, breaking it down to the foundation the schedule God’s have been cruel.

The Dolphins started off the season against a Baltimore Ravens team that is truly playoff bound and have bullied Miami in recent games, a team that is well coached by one of the top coaches in the NFL.

Their second game was up against the super bowl champion New England Patriots who have dominated our division over the years and is well prime to potentially win the super bowl again in 2020.

Now the Dolphins are going on the road against one of the best teams in the NFC as well as another playoff contender and super bowl hopeful the Dallas Cowboys, we can only hope that the Dolphins can try not to allow that game get out of control.

It has been ugly so far, the first two games of the season our Dolphins have been out scored 102 to 10 heading on the road to Dallas which might end up being another drubbing come Sunday.

Add to all this the piling on by the scum media locally as well as nationally as they try to stoke the angst of the fan base by criticizing what the Dolphins are doing.

As you know I’m a self-admitted Homer so I’m all on board with what the Dolphins are doing, this team is primed for 2020 and with the stockpile of picks and the cash flow that they’ll have available for free agency I can’t remember a time when I’ve been more excited about what’s going on with the Miami Dolphins.

Finally somebody has the courage to step up to the plate and do it the right way! I give credit to both the owner Mr Ross and general manager Chris Grier and much love to head coach Brian Flores because these guys are the architects of what’s going to be the foundation building of a true playoff contending team in the near future.

The Dolphins have tried things the other way  the past 20 years and ever since Mr Ross has taken over ownership he has opened up his wallet and paid handsomely for free agents to come to Miami only to see the Dolphins continue to be a .500 team.

What’s being done is what was needed to be done a long time ago it’s well overdue and it’s time for the fans to show their support to both the management and the players as we go through this difficult time.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel can you see it? 

If you can’t I do see that light, trust me it’s there and getting brighter and brighter as a season moves along.

Better days are ahead we just have to enjoy the process look through this team find a player that you can identify that  you will be part of the process moving forward because come next year as many as 50% of  this team or more will have changed over.

No pain no gain!

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