When Should Josh Rosen Start?


This seems to be the only potential exciting thing left for the Dolphins this season as two games in it’s been a brutal beginning and for the next few games it don’t appear to be any easier and so far Ryan Fitzpatrick has not been able to bring his magic to the game.

After the two most lopsided losses  most likely in history of the Dolphins you can come to the conclusion Miami might be better off starting Josh Rosen.

After all I can’t be any worse can it? That’s what many people want to see isn’t it? but the question is what is in the best interest of the Miami Dolphins and in particular Josh Rosen?

Well let’s go back to our starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to answer that question, why is it that Ryan Fitzpatrick is struggling, is it not because we have a makeshift offensive line of players who have not had much time together.

The Dolphins peaced together this unit just before the first regular season game and dealing with injuries they’re already going down a depth chart that actually lacks quality depth.

So needless to say the offensiveline  is a work in progress, don’t you recall Brian Flores firing the offensive line coach a week before this season started?

So there’s a reason why Ryan Fitzpatrick is struggling and despite his questionable interceptions. Ryan Fitzpatrick is still the best option as our starting quarterback.

Josh Rosen still needs to learn this offense and he’s being given time to develop. I still feel he should just sit the whole year out and compete with whoever they draft next year for the starting job.

At the very least he could become our backup quarterback because at the price that we have him we can retain him and still bring in a young quarterback through the draft to compete for the starting job next year.

Josh Rosen should have no excuse next year competing against a rookie quarterback that we draft if the Dolphins should decide to because Rosen will have had a complete year head start.

The Dolphins don’t need to do what the Arizona Cardinals did dumping Josh Rosen after they drafted Kyler Murray what Miami needs to do is to continue to stockpile young quarterbacks until they get it right either by the draft or free agency.

Now let’s say the Dolphins don’t want Rosen to sit out this season and do what many feel they should do start Josh Rose at sometime this season, when would be the best time?

For me if they do start him this year I would say the best time would be just after the bye-week and the Dolphins have gone through what appears to be the toughest part of the schedule, the first four games of the season.

Hopefully by then the offensive line will begin to settle down and improve giving  Josh Rosen a chance to succeed because the last thing we need to do is put that young quarterback out there to fail or get hurt because the fans will turn against him right away.

It’s a difficult decision to make but one that needs to be made sometime in the near future the question is when?

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