Keep Your Head Up Dol-Fans!


Another blowout and a lot of people are already panicking and jumping ship despite the fact that they knew that this team is rebuilding from the ground up.

Did I expect us to get blown out the first two games of the season? No! Am I happy? No!  I’ve been writing ever since the beginning of the off-season articles warning of potential pain before the eventual gain.

I’ve also been writing to let you know what to be looking for  during the 2019 season, and still there are quite a few people who seem to be clueless as to what’s going on with the Dolphins.

Folks are calling for the GM to be fired, the head coach to be fired, and even for the owner to be fired…..Really?

You have media personalities who are loving the fact that the Dolphins are going through this painful rebuilding process because they can stoke the fires of the fan base by writing false stories, creating controversy and undermining the rebuilding process.

Unfortunately many people are weak minded individuals who fall into that trap of allowing their emotion to be stoked by these professional antagonists.

I just want all of you who are out there panicking and screaming for everyone’s head to be cut off to remember this moment come early off-season when our Dolphins with over 100 million dollars to spend in free agency and 13 and counting draft picks in the 2020 NFL draft get their revenge.

That is what I’m looking forward to the reward for the rebuilding that’s going on. Just like any rebuilding process there are things that you’re going to get rid of and if you’re doing a complete rebuild as the Dolphins are doing there’s nothing that is salvageable because you’re intent is to fix what’s been worn out, broken or damaged after years of neglect or ware and tear.

Many of you have short memories and have forgotten the past 20 years of mediocrity where this team has been what I call lukewarm, they’ve not been hot nor cold.

Lukewarm is a bad place to be, imagine drinking a lukewarm soda or lukewarm cup of coffee… that’s basically what we’ve been dealing with for the past 20 years.

That is also why the Dolphins who always ended up averaging 8-8 could never add young talent to this roster through the draft because they always drafted in the middle of the draft  to late to get the top players.

The Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is 100% correct in supporting and endorsing what’s going on. I applaud him for being willing to take the heat of this rebuilding season.

Early on it’s been ugly but I think as the season goes on we’re going to see some of these young players step up to the plate and prove they’re worthy of being on the roster next year because there’s going to be serious competition on this roster through both free agency and the draft and many of the current players on this roster will no longer be here only the best.

That folks is how you rebuild!  I also give credit to two men who is willing to stand there in the front line and take all the heat GM Chris Grier and head coach Brian Flores.

For the more aware Dolphin fans I want to encourage you not to allow yourselves to be swayed by the negativity that’s out there keep your head up because this team has a proud history that needs to be reignited and this process that we’re going through at the end of the day will get the Dolphins back on track and finally headed in the right direction this time with sustainability.

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