Minkah Fitzpatrick Wants Out!

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Well just as you know where there’s smoke there’s often fire and we finally have a name associated with players wanting to leave the Dolphins. Not to my surprise last year’s first round pick Minkah Fitzpatrick wants out.

Minkah Fitzpatrick was a draft pick that once again I did not agree with taking because I’m still at odds with Chris Grier’s drafting philosophy.

Chris Grier believe in drafting the best player available regardless of position, I feel the Dolphins should draft the best player available with specific positions in mind until they fill all positions and then draft the way Chris Grier drafts.

If I recall correctly, had the Dolphins drafted who I wanted last year it would have been LB Tremaine Edmunds who the Buffalo Bills traded back into the first round to get shortly after Miami passed on him for Minkah Fitzpatrick.

But I won’t dwell on that right now more so then talk about Minkah Fitzpatrick’s situation.

I knew it was a not a good sign when his mother was speaking up for him on social media. I’m pretty sure she reads everybody’s opinions and she gets most of her information from her son. So we know that what she was saying was just echoing what Minkah Fitzpatrick feels.

There are many who are of the same opinion who are at odds with our coaching staff on how to play Minkah Fitzpatrick.

Stats indicate that his best position is that of a slot corner that’s where he excells and where he plays the best according to statistics.

Miami was grooming Minkah Fitzpatrick to play multiple positions, not just at cornerback or safety but even linebacker at times. It all depends on what they feel is necessary each week.

The reason being a player with his talent needs to be on a field at all times and when they’re not playing the nickel package where he needs to be in a slot then he needs to play a different position because that makes the defense more difficult for offenses to figure out how to attack them.

Another reason why players are being trained to play multiple positions is because if an offense is playing hurry up and you have no time to get your substitutions in you can at least switch a player to a different position as the offense changes things up.

So Mika Fitzpatrick has to learn multiple positions on the defense because they have the confidence that he has the ability to do that.

Yes, that is a lot on this young man’s plate but at the same time he’s being paid to do a job and obviously he and his mother feel they know better than the coaching staff.

Ultimately if you look deep down in into the situation you’ll realize one thing that Minka Fitzpatrick does not understand is that his actions in requesting to be traded shows that he is selfish and not a team player and a lot of that I’m pretty sure has to do with him being young and immature.

Maybe somewhere down the line he’ll realize the big picture that the Dolphins apparently see in him that he don’t see in himself because he’s worried about how he looks more than following the direction and playing the role that the Dolphins want him to play.

I said earlier in an article before names were dropped  that any player that don’t want to be on this team needs to go and that includes Minkah Fitzpatrick.

Currently the Dolphins are not shopping Minkah but they did give his agent permission to seek a trade. Word is teams do not want to give the Dolphins the compensation that they’re asking for which is a first round pick.

I do feel that Miami is correct in requesting a first-round pick for him but most likely they will have to settle for a second round pick just to move on. 

Hopefully the Dolphins can find a way to mend this situation if it’s possible, if not they need to move on, because the damage has been done, the word is out, and it’s not good for either side to continue on in this relationship.

Grow up Minkah!

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