Enduring Short Term Pain, For Future Gains

So now that the light is on in my head and my fantasies are over as I deal with reality,  I can move forward with this team knowing that better days are ahead.

No pain no gain is often a saying by people who work out, I will apply that mantra to our Dolphins doing this rebuild. Hopefully gain will be the outcome of all this.

We know the Dolphins have been stuck in mediocrity for far too long and it required drastic changes in order for this team to  begin to build starting from the foundation on up, so hold on for this bumpy ride.

No more unrealistic expectations for this team, I don’t know what to expect anymore. I’m ready to endure whatever pain  necessary because I’m going to be one happy camper come this off-season  I’m looking for any opportunity to find joy even in this season of rebuild.

The sad part about it is many fans and even some of the media are using this opportunity to dump all over the Miami Dolphins.

Some are already questioning whether or not the Dolphins should fire Brian Flores our first year rookie head coach after his first game!

Yes it was a disaster but come on really!

I expect more from my fellow Dol-fans, I don’t know about you but I’m ready to endure whatever pain is necessary to get this team from being a mediocre team like they have been the past 20 years for the most part.

Now that Chris Grier has cleaned house and stockpiled a bunch of draft picks as well as put the Dolphins back in favorable conditions with the salary cap, some now question whether or not he should be our GM… really!!!???

I get it there’s so many wannabe GM’s much like myself out there and we all love this team more than any coach or player and for whatever reason we all are hopelessly dependent upon the Dolphins being relevant that despite knowing it was going to be a rough season the pain of this last Sunday can take some over the top.

What I recommend for a remedy if it’s any solace, is to look at the bright future that’s ahead with so much money to spend next year ( over 100 million)  and a slew of draft picks (13 to date) it’s almost impossible for this team not to get better.

So even if in the short term we have to endure losing more than what we would like remember what we’re working with is the youngest team in the league.

Eventually out of these 53 players there’s going to be some stars that arise it’s going to be some developmental things that’s going to help continue to build the foundation of the team.

I don’t know about you, but I’m all in! I’m 100 percent sold on what GM Chris Grier has done and even though I expect more for Brian Flores and his staff, I’m ready to endure whatever is necessary to change the fortunes of this team.

I don’t want to endure another .500 season where we pick somewhere in the middle of the draft after all the best young talent has been taken off the board.

The good thing about having a high draft pick is it goes throughout each round so from round 1-7 whatever position that you find yourself in you generally stay at that position throughout the draft, so you have the ability to pick from the top of the heap and for this Dolphins team lacking talent that’s exactly what we need a top draft position.

I’m still not endorsing any tanking I want them to play to win but the way this roster is built they are in a gunfight with a knife.

I’m all in for this complete rebuild and I’m willing to endure whatever short-term pain to get future gains.

Fin Fan Forever!

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