What A Difference A Week Could Make


Ok so we got our butts kicked stumbling out of the gate Sunday and the haters are having a field day dumping on the Dolphins, amist reports of rats wanting to jump ship because they are quitters, they want an easier life, it’s too hard to be a Miami Dolphin and for those clowns I say good riddance!

No I’m not crazy enough to even predict the Dolphins will beat New England this Sunday but there’s no  problem  playing a game of what if is it?

What if the Dolphins did upset New England this coming Sunday or better yet just beat the spread (New England’s up by 16) Any given Sunday right?

This Dolphin team is bad, but it’s early in the season and there’s a long way to go, all I want and expect from this team is to gradually improve throughout the season.

After being totally embarrassed and humiliated this past Sunday anything would be an improvement, starting with this team showing up ready to play and better prepared.

One of the great things about the season is even after such a terrible loss, you have to put it behind you and move on to the next game.  We have a game this Sunday at home against the formidable super bowl champions New England Patriots. (It doesn’t get any easier)

The Patriots have owned this division for just about the past 20 years ever since Bill Belichick became head coach, I think he’s had one losing season and averages a little over 10 wins a season.

But one thing about division games is that you just never know no matter how good or bad specific teams might be when they match up the game’s often end up being very competitive.

When it comes to the Patriots the Dolphins usually do good at home against them. Miami is the only team in our division that has successfully protected their home field against the New England Patriots.

Hopefully Miami can learn a lesson from this past Sunday and realize whatever garbage they put together last week was not even close to good enough and everybody takes the blame for that debacle.

Even though it’s wishful thinking a win this weekend would certainly erase some of the stench from our game against the Ravens.

It would also do two things, it would assure the Dolphins will not go 0-16 and shut the mouths of the Patriots fans who are talking an undefeated season 16-0 but this time culminating in a win in the Superbowl.

There are plenty of twists and plots for this weekend’s game, I’m pretty sure we’ll revisit the Miami miracle from last year against the Patriots but more than anything else I just want this game to be close and I want Miami to show some improvement and at if it brings us a win all the better.

Fins Up!

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