More Housecleaning Needed?


There were reports before the home opener that some players were whining and complaining about how tough training camp was for the Dolphins by new head coach Brian Flores. They’re also rumors that after the game players were calling their agents asking them to seek a trade.

I’m sure Brian Flores is coaching the best way he knows how, he (unlike the obvious malconteants on this roster) knows what it takes to win, he spent his entire coaching career under one of the greatest coaches of all time if not the greatest.

Brian Flores owns multiple super bowl rings, he’s been a part of the Patriots for 15 plus seasons, so he’s seen what it takes to win. Unfortunately the reality is, in order to change culture you need to clean house completely of the old garbage that’s been laying around throughout these years of mediocrity content to collect a paycheck.

My anger is directed at one person who I feel is a cancer on this roster, he’s the same person who skipped out on OTAs, unfollowed the Dolphins on Twitter and despite having been paid millions of dollars by this team has shown himself to be a malcontent last year in Adam Gase’ final season.

The Dolphins need to continue to purge this roster of players who don’t want to be here because these  players are part of the problem not the solution to the problem.

Crybabies are not wanted, it’s time for these guys to man up, show some pride and follow the direction of this coaching staff, who’s sincerely trying to help them turn the corner.

Yes the Ravens once again embarrassed us, I’m looking forward to the day when we’re strong enough to punch them back in the mouth, it just was not Sunday.

We will play them again in the future and hopefully by then the roster churning will be over and we’ll have comparable talent to match blow to blow with a team like the Ravens.

The Ravens humiliated the Dolphins  and what needs to be done by this team is to shut up, put their head down and continue to work hard and build unity and work towards getting better.

Now is not the time to have malconteants and whiners on the team, whoever they are (If the reports are true) get rid of them now!

They’re not worthy of being part of this journey. I’m more disappointed in this loss to Baltimore than angry because this team is at the very beginning of a major rebuild.

I’ve written articles recently anticipating that there’s going to be some growing pains I just did not see the debacle that happened Sunday.

Everybody’s got to do better, the coaches got to do better, the schemes got to be better, the game planning needs to improve.

There’s a few things that I’ll bring up in the very near future especially with such a young roster that this coaching staff needs to understand.

No matter how bad this game was, it was just 1 of 16 and obviously there’s major room for improvement. At the end of the day this major beat down might be the best thing that could have happened to this team, it all depends on how they respond.

Dol-Fan for life!

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