OMG We Really Are That Bad!


The Ravens punched the Dolphins in the mouth so hard that they broke my homer glasses.

I honestly did not see this whipping coming, the only good thing is I actually had to work Sunday morning so I had to follow along online reading the results as they played. (Thanks to a greedy NFL who won’t even allow you to listen to the games online for free)

Hopefully whatever game plan Brian Flores and his staff put together they threw it in the trash on their way to the locker room after such an embarrassing loss.

Everybody takes the blame, so I’ll start with the coaching or lack thereof the Defense didn’t show up, the offense was pathetic just a couple of decent plays here and there but not even close.

Either the Ravens are going to the super bowl or the Dolphins truly are the most pathetic team in the league, have a little pride, they’ve proven everyone right so far that they are the worst team in the NFL.

There’s just no excuse to take a whipping as bad as they did today. It’s like the players rolled over and played dead as Baltimore kicked their butts up and down the field throughout the entire  game.

The numbers Lamar Jackson put up today should seal his fate as the MVP of the league even if they don’t play him the rest of the season.

It was ridiculous that this guy threw for five touchdowns he just about completed every pass that he attempted as our secondary which we thought was a strength proved to be just as weak as the rest of the defense.

Don’t get me started on a defensive front and how bad they played did you see the yard per carry average of the running backs for the Ravens? Even their receivers had a record breaking day against our defense.

This is by far one of the worst shellacking I’ve  every witnessed the Dolphins take.

The sad part about this whole thing is I don’t think that the Dolphins were trying to tank even though now I hope that they were because that can be the only other excuse to lean on.

I wrote a article sometime last week where I said that I want to fast-forward past this season and I was looking for the remote control, after today’s showing I really am going to look for that remote much harder  because this season from early indications is going to be brutal.

I’m pretty sure there’s a certain section of  the fan base that is very pleased with today’s outcome because they want the number one pick in the 2020 draft.

I think it’s time for the coaches to put all these players on notice that many of them won’t have a job next year because after such a pathetic showing today I don’t feel nobody should be safe.

In fact, I think there’s a cancer on the team based off of me watching X’s and O’s as Omar Kelly made a statement that there’s some disgruntled players on the team because they feel that this has been the hardest camp since Tony Sparano and the only player that I can think of that’s still here when Sparano was the coach is Rashad Jones who I thought was a cancer during the off-season.

I know the Dolphins would lose money if they were to cut him and that’s why he still on the roster because it was such a disadvantage to let him go but after seeing this display and realizing that a veteran voice such as his could be very powerful in this young locker room maybe it’s time for the Dolphins to cut their losses with Rashad Jones and let him go.

Ryan Fitzpatrick did not do much and Josh Rosen came in and quickly threw an interception, the only thing I can suggest is that the Dolphins turn the page quickly and move on from this embarrassing debacle that was Brian Flores’s debut game.

I’m pretty sure he will remember this game throughout his coaching career however long that last, because too many more games like this and I’m pretty sure the owner will start to look cross-eyed starting with Chris Grier on down.

The scary part about all of this is the Dolphins spent all day making Lamar Jackson look like the best quarterback in the history of the game, just think what Tom Brady might be salivating about coming to Miami next week…

I got to go look for that remote I’ll talk to you later……

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