It’s Not How We Start But How We Finish 2019!


The Miami Dolphins are entering the 2019 season with just about the lowest expectations ever. 

It’s somewhat understandable considering the changes that’s been made in Miami, this Dolphin team is the youngest team in the NFL. They are entering the season with a first year head coach who has a roster full of players that many feel are lacking in talent.

Hopefully you Dolphin fans out there are prepared and realize that this team might not have a very good record come seasons end. Even though I feel they are being underestimated.

To be truthful wins and losses does not matter more than steady progress throughout the season, with this roster so full of young players it also means that they don’t have a lot of experience playing in the NFL. That could be good or bad depending on how they respond.

Expect some growing pains throughout the season but what I’m really hoping come seasons end is that this team can identify some very talented young players who step up to the plate and deserves to be part of the roster moving forward from 2020 onward the more than better.

The Dolphins do have some very talented players that have pro-bowl  potential and as I noted in a previous article, this season is going to be more about the coaching and their evaluation of the players as well as their development of these young players.

Just like a slow moving train hopefully we’ll see progress throughout the season and some young stars rise on this roster, that would make it tempting to buy their jerseys because they might be around for a while, unlike this year when we had no clue who would be here once the bloodbath started.

Let’s see what these players can do and if they will remain on the roster in 2019.

  • Josh Rosen (22 years old)
  • Xavien Howard (25 years old)
  • Minkah Fitzpatrick (22 years old)
  • Albert Wilson (26 years old)
  • Kenyan Drake (24 years old)
  • Jakeem Grant (26 years old)
  • Jerome Baker (21 years old)
  • Raekwon McMillan (23 years old)
  • Bobby McCain (25 years old)
  • Davon Godchaux (24 years old)
  • Charles Harris (23 years old)
  • DeVante Parker (25 years old)
  • Kalen Ballage (22 years old)
  • Mike Gesicki (23 years old)
  • Durham Smythe (23 years old)

It’s almost refreshing to realize that there’s no pressure on this team at least for this year and that they can spend the time necessary evaluating and developing players.

So as you sit back and evaluate the Dolphins this year, keep in mind what they are working with and what the ultimate goal is come seasons end.

I think we will find some pleasant surprises throughout the season that Miami can add to the foundation of the future.

Fins up!

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