Getting Past The Outside Noise!


The Dolphins are under assault, it started locally and it has spread nationally. Look at just about anybody’s power rankings and they have the Dolphins ranked as one of the worst teams in the league.

The national media generally form their opinion based off of the local sportswriters who seems to be able to create a national narrative for our Dolphins for their own selfish agenda.

They have the same problem most people have in life, their hypocrites and liars, they’ll make up things all with the intent to write anything negative or derogatory towards our team.

Many of these clowns are fans of other teams imposters perpatrating themselves as reporters.

One thing I know about miserable people is that they love to spread their misery onto others because that’s just the way they are.

Glass half empty, hating their lives and hating on others and our Dolphins seems to be the whipping boy of the nation when it comes to the NFL.

The sad part about it is, it all started locally with local reporters for the Miami Herald and the Sun Sentinel with their senior reporters who are about as idiotic and negative as can be towards the Dolphins their coaching staff on the issues about our Dolphins.

It all started just under a year ago when the Miami Dolphins decided to go in a different direction after firing Adam Gase, the owner Stephen Ross as he normally does nervously/clumsily got on the national stage and made some statements that can be misconstrued as the Dolphins were going to delibertly lose games  to get better.

That’s when one of the local reporters started writing that the Dolphins are going to tank, as in lose games on  purpose to try to get a top pick in the NFL draft in 2020.

Now mind you it’s almost impossible to try to pull something like that off but nonetheless the narrative has been set and it’s been beaten like a drum despite the teams denial.

What the Dolphins true intent was is to rebuild, start from scratch and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing, they got rid of a bunch of veteran players who have been overpaid some of them still good but overpaid.

They got rid of a few bad contracts that was negotiated by the former GM that put this team in cap hell.

There’s been some major renovation going on here people. It’s been on going all the way up until a few days ago when the Dolphins shipped Laremy Tunsil and Kenny Stills to the Houston Texans for draft picks.

Now if you listen to the talking heads and sportstalk radio they’re really ripping the Dolphins for doing what they said they were going to do “REBUILD” it’s based on the narrative that was set by the local reporter who said the Dolphins are tanking.

Let’s look at this realistically.

First let me admit I am a biase Dolphin fan who can be a homer, so keep that in mind as I begin to unload and explain what’s really going on.

The Dolphins are rebuilding and they’re doing it the right way for the first time in 20 years. How many times have we been told that the Dolphins are just a player away? How many millions of dollars have the owner spent since purchasing the team to try to buy a winning team, all to no avail!

It’s like throwing money into a house that’s been condemned and most likely need to be torn down or gut it out. So the Dolphins decided wisely the to gut it out and rebuild.

Even I will admit that there’s been some pain in my heart when they let go some players that I truly did love like Cameron  Wake and Laremy Tunsil our young stud left tackle who many of us felt was probably one of the best young left tackles in the game.

Hell they even got rid of Iron Man John Denny too.

After the most recent releases all you’ve been hearining is the Dolphins are taking… they got rid of John Denning and Laremy Tunsil, Kenny stills.

I don’t know about you but what was the Dolphins record last year 7 – 9? What was their record year before 9 – 7? If you add those two you come up with .500 season the last 2 years.

It’s not just the last two years but it’s been the past two decades that the Dolphins have averaged about .500, winning just enough games to not make it to the playoffs and too many games to get into the top 10 of the draft.

The Dolphins have been a mediocre team always landing in the middle of the draft losing out on some of the top talent.

No matter how much money they spent they ended up at .500 almost like we’ve been the main character in the movie  groundhog day.

So something new and refreshing had to be and is being done as the Dolphins have basically scrapped the team of old veteran players, bad contracts as they look forward to the future.

Thanks to the moves that’s been made Miami seems to be in a position to right the ship and the future looks bright starting next year.

As for this year we have a young team (the  youngest team in the NFL) and it’s exciting to see which and see if these young players will step up and become  future stars for our Dolphins.

Miami will have 13 draft picks coming up in next year NFL draft, just about two picks in every round. They have two first rounders and two second rounds in 2021, and they will have over 100 million dollars in cap space next season but just about no dead money on the books.

They will be able to add whoever they want to this roster via free agency or take care of their own players if they want it extend contracts to.

Despite all the noise coming from the local and national media we intelligent Dol-fans realize that finally the team is doing it the right way they put the horse in front of the cart and are headed it in the right direction. I applaud them.

Let me ask you a question when was the last time Laremy Tunsil, Cameron Wake or John Denning brought the Dolphins a super bowl championship?

So while we have to sit here and listen to all the noise surrounding this team, I for one believe they have done everything right despite this season being a season of rebuild.

I also feel that coach Brian Flores is determined to take this young team that he has and mold them into a winning team. It might take a year or two but it’s going to happen, and we Dolphin fans will be all the more grateful that Chris Greir has finally led this team on a path to success and hopefully back to the glory days when the Miami Dolphins were relevant. Which is the main intent of this rebuild!

Fins Up!

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