Major Growing Pains Ahead!?


Even though I truly believe that the Dolphins will not try to tank this year I also realize that by default they’re not going to be a good team because it’s going to take some time to build the lines on both sides of the ball the offensive and defensive lines of this Dolphin’s team are substandard at best.

Some other problem are due to lack of experience as our Dolphins have a very young roster with a the lack of talent in some areas.

It’s become quite evident in the preseason that the Dolphins will have a problem protecting the quarterback, running the ball stopping the run and creating pressure on the opposing quarterbacks.

Even though I’m not in panic mode because I realize that they’re rebuilding and it’s just going to take some time, I figured it will take two to three years for them to really put together a team to their liking and then a few more years of seasoning before they become a veteran playoff contender.

The playoffs are just like the lottery, if you don’t get in it you can’t win it.

So is discouraging as this season may appear to be we have a lot to be excited about for the future

I thought I would give you my perspective on how to view the Dolphins in 2019 this is the year where evaluation will be ongoing process because many of the players on this team will not be there in 2 or 3 years as Miami continue to build this team hopefully into a championship caliber team one that’s tough mentally, physically and hard to beat.

Something we’ve been lacking for quite a few years ever since Don Shula retired.

So there are some things to look forward to for the 2019 season, I’d like to see how Brian Flores defense develops throughout the season, I want to see how our offensive line also develops throughout the season, listen we have weapons it’s not like this team’s going to be a walk over, there are some doubts by many as to what they will do.

I also suggest just keeping low expectations because you can’t be disappointed with low expectations, any win would be a good thing for this team.

I just hope we don’t get as bad as the Cam Cameron year where I think the guy got a raw deal by both Dolphins ownership and the fans as to this day in hindsight his pick of Ted Ginn Jr was not a bad pick.

Unfortunately for Cam Cameron the expectations of getting a quarterback was so high that fans never gave the guy a chance after drafting Ginn.

What’s that saying… no pain no gain well prepare for some pain that hopefully will bring us plenty of gain starting in 2020.

I’m excited about our future.

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