Josh Rosen Has A Head Start!


Now that the foolish debate on whether Josh Rosen  or Ryan Fitzpatrick should start is over what should be Josh Rosen main objective as a backup quarterback?

Josh Rosen needs to realize that he has a head start over whoever the Dolphins might draft next year as his competition moving forward.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has a two-year contract and it’s a great possibility (depending on how he plays this year) that he will be back next year and compete with Josh Rosen as well as a potential first round draft pick for the starting job in 2020.

Whoever the Dolphins draft next year will have to come in and beat out Fitzpatrick and Rosen to earn the starting job.

Josh Rosen on other hand came real close and put up a good fight for the starting quarterback position this year, so I can’t imagine him sitting for a complete year and mastering this offense, how he would lose out to a rookie quarterback that they draft next year.

I like Josh Rosen, I think he’s going to be a good quarterback and I also think that his being a backup to Fitzpatrick is the best thing for him in his development. He needs to take advantage of it and be in position to win the starting job outright next year.

GM Chris Grier’s job is to find a franchise quarterback, his career as the Dolphin GM is totally dependent upon that,  I have no problem with them drafting another quarterback in 2020 bring him in and allow him to compete because competition at that position should be at a premium every year.

So while some will try to diminish Josh Rosen and his role because he did not win the starting job, I think he would be wise to ignore all the talking heads and get busy mastering this office and improving his skill sets so that in 2020 when all hell breaks loose for the quarterback competition for the Miami Dolphins that he will be the ship that the tide rises to the top.

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