John Denny Released!

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins

Oh no say it ain’t so the Dolphins finally released one of the longest tenured player in Dolphin History.

John Denny has been with the Dolphins for just about 15 seasons and appeared to have survived the final cuts of the 2019 season until today when he was released.

Some think that it’s still a possibility that the Dolphins might bring him back and resign him to a cheaper contract but to me that makes no sense because they have more than enough money under the cap to afford whatever salary he was demanding and it would be petty in my opinion to take a long tenured player like that and release him only to bring them back to pay him less.

This move appears to be more of what is an obvious youth movement throughout this team the Dolphins are one of the youngest teams in the NFL if not the youngest team.

This is truly a total rebuild year and there’s no need to hang on to old players, the younger the better. They all will grow together and form a cohesive unit that matures and develops into a playoff contending team and hopefully a championship winning team in the near future.

This is a year of both pain and excitement  as this roster has been churned and a youth movement as well as the future starts now!

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