A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush?


Once Jadaveon Clowney was dealt to the Seattle Seahawks I thought that the conversation about trading Laremy Tunsil was over, unfortunately that was not the case because the Houston Texans still offered up two first round picks and a second rounder to get Laremy and Kenny Stills.

The compensation for the trade is really good.

Houston offered up their 2020 first round pick the 2021 first round pick and the 2021 second round pick, so you can understand why Chris Grier made the decision to trade Tunsil and for the Dolphins to quietly get rid of Kenny Stills.

I find myself neutral about this trade I’m not happy and I’m not sad but I really do hate that we gave up Laremy Tunsil because I felt he’s one of the best young left tackles in the game and that’s a premier position that is very difficult to replace.

I knew the writing was on the wall for Kenny’ Stills to be moved after he criticized the owner and when you have a head coach who wants zero distractions on the team and most likely felt that all he wanted from Kenny still is play football to the best of ability and all the other things that was going on about social issues is not what he’s concerned about at this point in time. I’ll have more of this in a later article.

What I don’t like about the trade once again is that Laremy Tunsil is young only 25 years old and he’s already considered one of the best left tackles in the game his age fit well within a rebuilt so for the Dolphins to get rid of this kid leaves me with great concern that we won’t ever find another anchor like Tunsil to protect the quarterback.

It’s not like we’ve had great success in putting together an offensive line over the years.

What I do like about the trade is obviously the pics that we have acquired. the Dolphins now posses 2 picks in just about every round next year in 2020

2020 1st-round pick 
2020 1st-round pick 
2020 2nd-round pick 
2020 2nd-round pick 
2020 3rd-round pick 
2020 3rd-round pick 
2020 4th-round pick 
2020 5th-round pick
2020 5th-round pick 
2020 6th-round pick 
2020 6th-round pick 
2020 7th-round pick
2020 7th-round pick 

In addition we have two first and second round picks in the 2021 NFL draft!

With that many pics they have endless possibilities to what they can do and most likely have an option to get whatever they want in the next two drafts to infuse this team with young talented players as they try to build a championship team.

Listen come mock draft season I’m going to have a field day I’m going to be as happy and estatic as possible, I’m just not feeling that way now. I’m not upset, I’m not happy it’s just going to take some time for me to allow this to settle in as Tunsil was one of my favorite Dolphins players.

Now we have a Dolphin team that was already lacking talent that gave up two of the most talented players on the offensive side of the ball.

Not surprising considering that the head coach is a defensive minded fella  I’m sure he is determined to put together a very good young defense that’s why they went so heavily after Jadeveon Clowney who unfortunately did not want to play for the Dolphins.

Nomatter what the 2019 NFL season is going to start next week and the Dolphins ready or not will have to make their way through this season.

With so many unknowns about this team I refuse to put together a prediction of what I think their record will be at season end.

I’ll just enjoy the ride maintain my low expectations but hope for the best.

Fins Up!

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