Jadeveon Clowney update

The latest on the Jadeveon Clowney situation is taking weird twists and turns as reports out there say that he does not want to play for the Miami Dolphins, now I suggest a little caution because this could be some misinformation being spread by individuals who want him to go play for the Eagles or the Seahawks which according to the latest news is where Jadeveon Clowney wants to go.

My take is this, I trust the Dolphin brass they’ve proven in this short-term since Chris Grier’s been in total control they’ve made some very smart decisions, so if the Dolphins are continuing to pursue the Clowney trade I’m pretty sure they have a good indication from their meeting with him personally that despite the rumors that he is willing to play for Miami.

Financially for Jadeveon Clowney the Dolphins would make the most sense because they can afford his contract because they are set when it comes to the salary cap starting next year.

I am also of the opinion that if it is true that Jadeveon Clowney does not want to come play for Miami then the Dolphins need to move on, you don’t want a player on your team who don’t want to be there.

Jadeveon Clowney does hold a lot of leverage in this situation, he can control  where he goes because unless he signs the franchise tender he cannot be traded.

Houston wants to make the best deal they can and the Dolphins seem to be the team they want to deal with, Jadeveon holds the keys to any trade.

Houston could eventually give up and remove the tag and allow him to become a free agent but in that case he probably lose more money because I don’t think anyone’s going to pay him the money that he’s scheduled to get paid right now.

I do have a few red flag concerns with Jadavion Clowney, the fact that he fired his agent and his representing himself I don’t think is in his best interest, so that does concern me of a potential personality flaw with this kid that could be a problem in the locker room.  Not that I’ve heard anything in the past with him being a locker room headache, but the fact is there’s something a little odd in the way he’s handling things at this point in time.

But what I want to relay to my readers is that I don’t think the Dolphins would be pursuing him if it were not for the fact that they’ve had some reassurances from him that he would not be opposed to play for  Miami.

So trust your eyes and not your ears when it comes to what’s going on because the Dolphin’s management is on the top of their game.

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