Ryan Fitzpatrick Is The Starter As It Should Be!

I am not surprised with the decision to start Ryan Fitzpatrick over Josh Rosen but what I am encouraged about is that Josh Rosen didn’t make the decision easy.

There are all types of people with all types of opinions, many want to secondguess the decision that’s been made but the reality is it was the right decision at the right time and the decision that was made is in Josh Rosen’s best interest.

They’re still a few morons out there who wants to continue to push the tanking theory and just will not let it go, so in their minds it makes no sense to start Ryan Fitzpatrick because he might win more games.

Then there’s a few out there who have the attitude that the Dolphins are determined to draft a quarterback early in 2020 despite having Josh Rosen on the team.

The problem is most people have an unrealistic attitude towards young quarterbacks, many of them want to just push them out there and let them sink or swim.

I am of the old school way of doing things and I feel that’s the way Josh Rosen should be handled, allow him time to sit back and enjoy the year and learn and work along with Ryan Fitzpatrick, the chemistry will be better with the veteran quarterback starting while the young quarterback continue to be mentored by Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Head Coach Brian Flores said it’s in the best interest of both the team and both quarterbacks.

 This was Brian flores’s decision and  as true fans we should support the decision not that we have to agree but we don’t need to be bitter about it either because in the long run I think we’re all going to be happy in the future that Josh Rosen was allowed this time to develop.

As for drafting a quarterback early next year I am not opposed to it but I also don’t think it’s necessary because I’ve seen enough of Josh Rosen to say that he’s going to be a very good quarterback someday he has the talent, he’s very smart, has displayed the right humility throughout all the things he’s been through and at the same time he’s been granted an opportunity of a lifetime to sit back and learn behind a veteran quarterback who’s willing to help him.

This is a win-win for the Dolphins, the fans and Josh Rosen.

I’m actually looking forward to this season as I think  the Dolphins will play an entertaining brand of football and will surprise a few people just not me.

Fins up!

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