Laremy Tunsil On The Trading Block?


Things are starting to make sense with some of the rumors that’s been out there these past few weeks involving a potential deal for the Miami Dolphins to get Jadeveon Clowney.

The Houston Texans are desperate they  have to move Jadeveon Clowney as they find themselves at an impasse with their star pass rusher who refuses to sign his franchise tender and is willing to sit out the season unless he is given a new long-term contract.

So the Houston Texans have decided to shop him and the Miami Dolphins are interested. But to get a young premier pass rusher like Clowney it’s going to take a lot.

A little over a week ago there were rumors that the Dolphins were interested in the Redskins veteran left tackle, many of us could not understand why because we have one to the best young left tackles in the game in Laremy Tunsil.

But the latest rumors about what’s going on makes clear why the Dolphins were looking to find another left tackle.

It appears that the Houston Texans really want Laremy Tunsil in a trade deal and the Dolphins knowing the Texans are desperate  are putting  a premium price on Laremy Tunsil and rightfully so.

I love Laremy Tunsil and I would hate to see him go but at the same time there is a price for everybody and if the Dolphins could land Jadeveon Clowney, a first round pick and some other compensation than I wish Larry Tunsil well because  he’s going to be well paid no matter what.

So keep an eye on the news for the next few days as things unfold as the Dolphins are working on a deal to get Clowney and so far have listened to offers that will ultimately make our 2020 NFL draft even more exciting.

Stay Tuned!


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