Why Jadeveon Clowney Would Be a Great Acquisition

While two senior Miami Dolphins sportswriters who are stuck on the idea that the Dolphins would be tanking in 2019 seem to be racking their brains as to why the Dolphins are even looking at trading for Jadeveon Clowney, allow your Dolphin Seer to tell your exactly why it makes perfect sense.

The Miami Dolphins hired Brian Flores (a defensive minded coach) to run this team and I’m pretty sure what Brian wants more  than anything is to put his signature on this defense,  that is why they are taking chances on young players who have not reached their potential and why they are looking to bring  Jadeveon Clowney in the fold.

Jadeveon Clowney is one of the best young pass rushers in the league he’s only 26 years old and he fits exactly what the Dolphins are looking for on the defensive side of the ball, you add Jadeveon Clowney to this defense and the Dolphin’s defense automatically becomes a potential top 10 defense in the NFL.

The Dolphins defense is currently loaded with some very solid and talented young players with at least one or two of them being pro bowl caliber players while others are real close to reaching that level. Adding another Pro Bowl caliber player to this defense can only enhance it. Clowney could also raise the play of his fellow defensive players.

Just like every team needs a good quarterback every team also needs a top pass rusher because they have that much of an effect on the game.

The one thing that the Dolphins defense is lacking (no offense to Charles Harris) is a proven, legitimate pass rushing threat like Jadeveon Clowney and if they add him to the fold this Dolphins defense goes to a different level, especially considering the coaches that we have in place.

I had no doubt once we acquired Brian Flores as our head coach that he would get this defense in shape and build a top level defensive unit for the Miami Dolphins and this is exactly why they’re going after Jadeveon Clowney and I wholeheartedly agree.

So while the Dave Hydes and Armando Seguros of the world seem to want to question why the Dolphins are pursuing Jadeveon Clowney, because it doesn’t fit their narrative of tanking for 2019, just the fact that the Dolphins are even looking to try to acquire him proves their tanking theory wrong ( I can’t believe I’m still even talking about it)  but when you have morons out there who continue to push a narrative that started with them, they won’t let go until reality hit them smack in the face.

I’m hoping that reality comes to fruition very soon as the Dolphins are the front runners to acquire Jadeveon Clowney  and I cannot be more excited for this team and our fans.

So as the Miami Dolphins embark on the year of rebuilding in 2019 it’s nice to see that they’re trying their best to put in place the pieces to turn this team into a contender for years to come. Starting with a young talented defense.

I can honestly say for the first time in many years I am truly excited about the direction  this team is headed because it finally seems that the Dolphins are doing everything the right way and it all started with Chris Grier who has been given the keys to the team.

I cannot be more excited for the future of this team despite many in a media who continue to underestimate the Miami Dolphins, unfortunately even their local sportswriters.

We can rest assure that this Dolphins team is in good hands and the future looks promising.

Fins Up!

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