Relax! The Dolphins Future Looks Bright!


I  notice that many people seem to freak out about various things happening in the preseason, Josh Rosen threw an interception!  The defensive line didn’t look good!  The offensive line looks a little shaky! All the things that people complain about I sit back and wonder why?

Listen, I get it, we’re all passionate fans of the team and considering what we’ve been through these past two decades I understand the frustration.

Keep in mind that this is a team in total rebuild mode and this is an extremely young inexperienced group that is being coached up and so be prepared for some growing pains and some frustrations but if you keep everything in perspective hopefully you won’t allow your veins to pop out of your foreheads.

So sit back and let your Dolphin Seer guide you through this year with my positive spin on everything!

Let’s start off with answering the question what seems to be an obsession for most fans who should start at quarterback?

I’ve already answered this question but due to people still freaking out about it I’m going to double down on what I said before.

Ryan Fitzpatrick should be the starter there’s no doubt in my mind that he should be allowed to start this entire year and Brian Flores should make it known that they’re going to give Josh Rosen a red shirt year.

But what about evaluating the quarterback for the future Don’t we need to start Josh Rosen to see if we have the quarterback for the future?


The Dolphins coaching staff don’t need to have him start to evaluate Josh Rosen, in fact I contend that they already know what they have in Josh Rosen and you can rest assured that the Dolphins will not be drafting a quarterback in 2020.

In fact it might be in their best interest to bring back Ryan Fitzpatrick in 2020 and have both of them compete again.

I’m not sure many of you realize how invaluable Ryan Fitzpatrick is for Josh Rosen’s success and how fortunate it is that the Dolphins find themselves in this wonderful position of having a veteran quarterback like Fitzpatrick and his experience to mentor Josh Rosen throughout the 2019 season.

Josh Rosen admitted his self that he had a long way to go to do the things that Ryan Fitzpatrick can do in study and film breaking down defenses and knowing where everybody’s at and what to do.

Just imagine Rosen sitting for the 2019 season soaking in all the knowledge and experience that Ryan Fitzpatrick brings to the table and helping this 22-year-old  kid get prepared for the 2020 season.

There is no doubt that Josh Rosen has all the skills and talent needed to be successful in the NFL, it’s his limited experience that is holding him back so why rush things?

With this being year one of the rebuild it won’t hurt to sit Josh Rosen for the year and let him develop the mental part of the game to his fullest potential.

Moving on from the quarterback position let’s look at the defensive side of the ball and starting from preseason game number one and comparing it to preseason game number 2 there’s very encouraging signs from that defensive unit, we even had a Charles Harris sighting in the preseason game against Tampa Bay.

I’m encouraged by what I’ve seen from the defensive development of these young guys and I’m looking forward to seeing how they develop throughout the season because I feel they will quickly grow into one of the more exciting young defensive units in the NFL.

It’s the Dolphins offensive line that’s always going to be a concern, other than left tackle Laremy Tunsil and center Daniel Kilgore we have some questions at both guard positions as we have two rookies that have been inserted into the starting  line and there’s going to be some growing pains having both rookies starting as well as some questions on the right tackle sided of the ball.

The offensive line is going to be a work in progress throughout the year and it’s going to take probably a few years to finally get in place exactly what they’re looking for before the offensive line becomes a truly effective unit. Another reason to start the Ryan Fitzpatrick this year.

For the most part the Dolphins seem to be in good shape going into the 2019 season, they are full of young players who are looking to make a name for themselves.

They have a very good coaching staff who’s taking on the responsibilities to train and develop these young players.

And on the management side Chris Grier has the future looking bright for Miami starting with a 2020 draft and the cap space that they will have in 2020.

So if you’re a true die hard fan relax sit back and enjoy the season, a season full of unknowns and excitement that we’ve not seen for quite a while.

But what’s Even more exciting is what lies ahead in the year 2020!

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