Why Ryan Fitzpatrick Should Start The Season

I’ve never seen such an obsession then what’s going on at the quarterback position for the Miami Dolphins.

We have two capable quarterbacks competing for the right to start the 2019 season.

Ryan Fitzpatrick vs Josh Rosen and from the local all way up to the national level there are none too short of an opinion on what should happen, some have already said that if Josh Rosen don’t start he’s a failure and they should draft a quarterback high in the draft in 2020.

Others are saying that Josh Rosen need to start sometime this year so the Dolphins can evaluate him to see whether they need to draft another quarterback in 2020.

I on the other hand am of the opinion that not only does Josh Rosen need to sit but maybe even sit throughout the whole year and play behind the wiley veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick and hone his craft.

To me they’re just too many unrealistic expectations for this 22-year-old potential franchise quarterback.

The Dolphins are in an excellent position right now, they have the perfect situation.

First of all there are already low expectations by just about everybody secondly they have a very experienced veteran quarterback that can teach Josh Rosen a lot and they have a talented young quarterback in Josh Rosen that if develop properly will turn out to be a franchise quarterback.

So the question is why the rush? All this is driven by fans and pundits alike who for some reason want to throw Josh Rose into the wolves and see if he sink or swim.

I think of quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers who sat behind Brett favre for at least two or three years and learned behind him and once given his opportunity he transitioned into one of the top QB’s in the game.

Kansas city’s young quarterback Patrick Mahomes also sat behind a veteran quarterback and even though he has a ways to go so far it look like it did him well to sit behind a veteran quarterback for a year

Unfortunately we live in a world that is increasingly more impatient that wants instant gratification no matter the cost.

I’m old school I truly believe that there is no great need to rush Josh Rosen into the starting lineup but it’s to his advantage to sit back and watch this year as the wiley veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick displays his magic.

Even Josh Rosen admitted that he’s at awe with how Ryan Fitzpatrick in the meeting room can break down defenses and know what’s going on and how that he would love to have the ability to do that.

There is no damage being done to Josh Rosen to allow him to sit for this year and be the backup quarterback and be ready to step in should injury or just complete failure to play at a competitive level forces a replacement of Ryan Fitzpatrick.

But for now this is rightfully so Ryan Fitzpatrick’s time to start for the Miami Dolphins because he is truly the more qualified more experience and most likely even be the more entertaining quarterback on the roster.

Sadly some are fearing that Ryan Fitzpatrick might win too many games and push Miami out of position to draft a quarterback in 2020.

The fact is there’s no guarantee that the Dolphins will be in a position either way to draft a quarterback high in 2020 and to be honest with you if they really want someone they just need to pay the price to get them if that’s where they find themselves at the end of 2019.

This is not to diminish the potential of Josh Rosen which I am already sold that he is going to be a very good quarterback in the NFL he just needs a little more seasoning he needs to bake in the oven a little longer and continue to cook.

Don’t think for one moment that the Miami Dolphin management and coaches don’t already have an opinion on whether or not Josh Rosen is the answer.

They continue to evaluate him every day through training camp, preseason as well as  throughout the season as he backs up Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The Dolphins know what they have and I’m almost sure they’re comfortable with moving forward with Josh Rosen as our future quarterback.

So all you “Tank For Tua” or any other quarterback coming out in the 2020 draft You’re going to be disappointed when you see the Dolphins do not look at quarterback as the number one pick for 2020, because they are already comfortable with what they have and Josh Rosen.

They can see that this kid will be ready to take the rains in 2020 and move forward as our franchise quarterback.

Hopefully by then Ryan Fitzpatrick will still be part of the quarterback team and continue to help this young quarterback develop into one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL.

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