Another Low Risk High Reward Signing

The Miami Dolphins in this year of rebuilding have taken on certain risk with a hope that they pan out somewhere down the road, if you notice they have added a bunch of young talent that have in some cases not lived up to their potential, the most recent example is that of Robert Nkemdiche a former first round draft pick for the Arizona Cardinals that has so far not lived up to his potential.

He has apparently worn out his welcome in Arizona as they released him a couple weeks ago and the Dolphins immediately displayed interest and brought him in and eventually sign him to a one year contract worth about 1.1 million dollars with the idea of having a year to see if they can help him turn his career around.

These are smart moves by the Dolphins management because they have so little talent on his team that it don’t hurt to try to revive or hopefully see if you can change the fortunes of some of these young players who for whatever reason have not lived up to expectations with a different team.

Josh Rosen is another example of the Dolphins taking a shot at first round pick and in particular a quarterback with the hope that they can help him develop his career and as Brian Flores always say help him become the best Josh Rosen he can become.

As a fan we often tend to side with the team and hope that somehow these potential star players that have not lived up to there billing will somehow magically change in a Dolphin uniform.

The truth is for the most part it rarely happens that a player changes from who they have appeared to be when other teams decide to give up on them.

That won’t stop us from hoping that somehow the Dolphins hit a home run on these players.

So once again I must say welcome Robert Nkemdiche to Miami Dolphins and hopefully you can get your career on track despite odds being against you.

For the Dolphins this is a no lose situation because if it don’t work out he did not cost the Dolphins much just like Josh Rosen who is only owed $6 million for the next 3 years another example of a low risk hopefully high reward signing.

So as our Miami Dolphins swing for the fences we fans can put our trust and hope that somehow the Dolphins will hit a home run on players like Robert Nkemdiche especially considering how much they need help in the pass rush.

Head coach Brian Flores has already stated that he enjoys the challenge of trying to help these young players develop to be the best player they can be and that’s all we can ask for as we try to rebuild this team to be a future contender.

Keep swinging for the fence Miami!

Fins Up!

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