It’s All About The Coaching!

As the Dolphins embark on their first year of rebuilding an interesting thing exist on the team, the Dolphins currently have no recognized player on the national stage. Even Xavian Howard is a relative unknown to many.

The Dolphins currently have a very young roster many who  are looking for an opportunity to make a name for themselves.

So with a team so bereft of talent, it’s understandable why many on the national stage predicted  our Dolphins to be a low win team, some even saying the Dolphins possibly only winning three games in 2019 even though the over-under is about five games from what I’m hearing.

As you know I’m a self-admitted Homer and I see more talent on this team than others, I feel the national media is lazy they tend to piggyback off the local media that would be the reporters for the Miami Herald and the Sun Sentinel as well as the Palm Beach Post those are recognized as the main stream reporters for our Miami Dolphins.

 I would say the two prominent reporters would be Armando Seguro of the Miami Herald as well as Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel, these two seem to paint the local narrative of the Miami Dolphins as they both are assigned to report on the Dolphins by there respective employers.

In fact this past off season a big stir up was made as one of them who I consider to be  the biggest drama queen of them all Armando Seguro suggested that the  Dolphins would be tanking in 2019 with a hopes of drafting a top quarterback in the 2020 draft.

Despite Miami already picking up a young 22-year-old quarterback who was  dumped by the Arizona Cardinals but was considered one of the top quarterbacks drafted in 2018.

Josh Rosen has an excellent opportunity on this team to make a name for himself and solidify the starting quarterback position for the Miami Dolphins for years to come.

So the question is once again how are the Dolphins  going to win games this year? How many games will they win and who will be the star players that makes the difference?

This year for the first time in many years I see the coaching staff as the catalyst for this team and their accomplishments. It’s all about the coaching.

With so many young people on the team and with so many questions surrounding this team the one thing that I see that’s going to help Miami achieve whatever goals they have this year starts and ends with the coaching staff.

Despite being a first time head coach Brian Flores comes across as a very experienced coach as if he’s been coaching for years when you listen to this guy talk, when you see what he’s doing with the team in training camp, when you hear the response from the players who have bought into what he is selling. Flores comes across as a veteran head coach.

I am truly excited about this coaching staff more than anything. Yes I was disappointed about Jim Caldwell’s health issues and once again let me say more than anything else I wish him a speedy recovery with whatever he’s dealing with as to me he was a huge loss to not be there every day grinding with the team.

With that being said I still feel that Brian Flores has put together a very good staff and the coaches on this team seem to also have bought into his philosophy what is that philosophy?

Brian Flores is big on fundamentals being tough mentally and a physically strong team that is disciplined and will not beat itself. (TNT)

It’s refreshing to see the way Brian Flores is handling the Dolphins and I feel it’s going to pay off big time, no I’m not predicting a super bowl on 2019  but what I am predicting is this team will surprise some people and by seasons end they just might be the talk of the 2020 season.

Armed with many pics in the 2020 draft this Dolphins team should be rolling in 2020  full steam ahead  as Miami will soon be the up and coming team of the future.

And it starts with the coaching in 2019!

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