Minor Setback!

We are used to the unexpected happening once again to our Dolphins as unfortunate circumstances has forced assistant head coach and quarterback coach Jim Caldwell to step down due to health issues

This is a minor set back because he is still willing to be a consultant for the team but he won’t be there day in a day out during the grind of the season but the benefit that Brian Flores will have is that he can still call upon  Jim Caldwell at any time.

My take:

first and foremost the most important thing is the health of Jim Caldwell and I pray that he have a speedy recovery and that everything goes well for him and hopefully whatever his issues are that they be resolved and he can come back with just a normal life.

I am disappointed that he’s not going to be there day in the day out to help out it is a minor setback but I still believe in Brian Flores and his remaining staff and I feel that they will do a good job especially after a season where there’s no expectations in fact they’re very low expectations by many for this team.

I expect more despite this minor setback I’m looking forward to the season starting real soon training camp will be starting in a Little over a week and football will be back in full force can’t wait to see what type of team we will have this year!

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