Kenyon Drake (The Enigma)

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By all accounts he should have been the Dolphins starting Running Back ever since Jay Ajayi was traded. In fact I was so full of anticipation for his 2018 season that I made Kenyon Drake a high draft pick in my fantasy league, I just knew I had got the secret weapon of the year.

Unfortunately the 2018 season was so much of a major disappointment for the Dolphins and Drake, I ended up dumping him from my roster and his seasons stats were less than expected.

It is such a mystery as to what happened last year with Kenyon Drake because from all appearances this kid should have been Miami’s number 1 RB but Frank Gore ended up carrying the ball more and limiting Drakes role as our top RB.

I still to this day do not understand what went wrong for Drake last year but it was obvious that coach Adam Gase was not as enamored with Kenyon Drake as I and quite a few other fans were.

To put 35 year old Frank Gore as the starting back over a younger, faster and more dynamic player in Drake made no sense what so ever!

Kenyon Drake is a TD waiting to happen anytime he touches the ball! He has scored in so many ways for Miami punt returns, kickoffs, running from the backfield and as a receiver. He has a career 4.7 YPG average.

He was the reason why the greatest play last year happened and it was a play that will go down as one of the greatest plays of all time, the Miami Miracle!

I find it inexcusable that Kenyon Drake was not featured as our number 1 RB last year not mater what the excuse that former head coach Adam Gase had. Drake is one of our best weapons and to not have him in the game as our number 1 RB and use him in both the run and pass as well as special teams, and to not use him on every occasion was pure  negligence.

Fortunately Kenyon Drake has a clean slate and hopefully a better play caller in Chad O’Shea who comes from New England. Hopefully he appreciates what we have in this young potential star RB who for whatever reason has been passed up and underused by our former head coach.

I am looking forward to seeing how the new management will utilize Drake and I still might draft him in my fantasy league I just wont use a high pick on him this year.

I peg Drake as one of our young potential star players on the roster that could have a great season if used. For the life of me I don’t see a reason why he should not be a featured weapon and given every opportunity in a contract year to play towards a BIG PAY DAY at seasons end and hopefully Miami will retain this future star player.

Kenyon Drake has handled his situation in Miami well, in fact I personally want him to be a bit more selfish and WANT to be the starter at any cost. He has some good competition as the RB position in Miami is one of the top positions this team can rely on.

I just feel that Drake can be one of the best RB’s in the NFL and hopefully he will get that opportunity this year.

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