Why Reshad Jones Must Go!

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It’s no big secret that the Dolphins are not happy with Rashad Jones in fact most Dolphins fans have fallen out of love with Rashad, especially considering his conduct last year when he refused to return in the Jets game and play because he was upset that he had to rotate his position.

Reshad Jones has always been one of my favorite players ever since being drafted but he’s also somewhat of a diva more of a quiet diva because he’s really not made many waves until recently.  The Dolphins under new head coach Brian Flores are trying to establish a culture and it all revolves around a “TEAM FIRST” attitude. Reshad Jones snub in the early voluntary OTA’s showed a “ME FIRST” attitude no matter how he tried to explain it away upon finally coming to the one mandatory mini-camp.

There really was no excuse for Reshad to miss the voluntary OTA’s because he is now behind in knowing the playbook, he missed out in setting the example for the young players and even the camaraderie he could have been apart of during the voluntary OTA’s.

Like I said in a previous article Reshad had the right to not attend the voluntary OTA’s but he also needs to suffer the consequences of his actions as the team also have a right to move on.

For a first year, first time head coach it’s an attitude he could do without! It undermines everything he is trying to establish and challenges his authority. The TEAM FIRST mentality needs to be supported by his veteran players especially one who has been rewarded as well as Jones have.

The new Defense will require players to do the very thing Jones balked about last year play multiple positions will Jones buy in? Jones’ days are numbered. He will either be traded before the season or allowed to play out this season due to his cap numbers that are not favorable for a trade or being cut.

I personally feel he is a cancer for this team and we need to move him no matter what. Even if it takes the Dolphins doing what they did with Ryan Tannehill and Robert Quinn’s contracts paying some of his salary to move him. This relationship has gone south and it will not get any better, both parties need relief and for coach Flores he don’t need to have to deal with a bitter player who feels he is above the team.

Reshad Jones have some good years left, in fact he might even still be a pro bowl player. He also is approaching my age of demarcation and with this team in rebuild mode it makes no sense to keep him other than his contract situation. There are some teams interested and Chris Grier needs to make it happen. I know he will not give Jones away and he should not under any circumstances because teams will try you. I would rather we keep the disgruntled player this final year than to let some team dupe us.

Despite my desire to see Jones move on I will say he is still one of my favorite players and I wish him well. I would love to see him join a playoff contender. (Just Not NE)

Reshad Jones reportedly just unfollowed the Dolphins on his twitter account if rumors are true and not to read more into it than we should but it does show some sort of issue from Jones side for sure.

It’s just time to for both parties to move on!

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