Who Will Be The Best Young QB In The AFC East?

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It’s going to come up sooner or later so let me be the first to broach the subject. Looking into the future who will eventually end up being the best QB drafted in 2018 among the AFC East hopefuls?

The 2018 NFL draft will always be remembered for when the Jets, the Bills and the Arizona Cardinals drafted three of the top 4 quarterbacks in that draft. I was somewhat jealous that the Jets and the Bills seem to have an upper hand for the future with two young potential franchise quarterbacks that they’re developing while still at that time holding out some hope that after 7 years of disappointments Ryan Tannehill would somehow take it to the next level, only to once again be disappointed early in the 2018 season and finally giving up on him, I had no idea who the Dolphins would go with as their future quarterback  but I had no doubt that Ryan Tannehill’s days in Miami were numbered after the 2018 season.

Fast forward to the 2019 draft and lo and behold in the second round of the 2019 draft the Miami Dolphins was able to acquire one of the top quarterback taken in the 2018 draft, 22 year old Josh Rosen after one failed rookie season with a dysfunctional Arizona Cardinal team, the same team that went through two offensive coordinators in one season and fired their first year head coach at the end of the 2018 season, decided to go in a different direction and they happened to be bad enough to get the first pick in the 2019 NFL draft and they decided to go QB Kyler Murray with the first pick of the draft.

Now the AFC East have three of the top quarterbacks drafted in the 2018 playing within the division. The New York Jets, Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins all have their hopes for the future at the QB position. We’ll be able to follow these guys careers over the next 10 plus seasons to see which one if not all turns out to be worth their weight in gold or who will be a bust if not all….

Looking back at the 2018 NFL draft the Miami Dolphins acquired the 10th pick in that draft, but the 4th QB taken…as the Browns, Jets and Bills all passed on Josh Allen.

Early edge goes to Baker Mayfield who is not in our division but for the AFC East hopefuls they all have work to do to build a name for themselves. Josh Allen now has a chance to prove both the Bills and the Jets and even to a certain extent the Browns were wrong and selecting their perspective quarterbacks over him.

If he turns out to be the best of them all the Dolphins will have found their franchise quarterback. For Josh Rosen it appears that his being traded to a more stable Miami Dolphins team is exactly what he needed and despite possibly not starting this year I would say he has the best coaching in place of the three young QB’s and only time will tell how things turn out.

It’s not the beginning of their carers that matter the most but the overall body of work throughout. I will exclude Baker Mayfield because he is not in our division, I’m comparing the quarterbacks in our division Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and Josh Rosen of these three which one will prove to be the best quarterback moving forward the good news is that they’re all in the same division and only time will tell as all three of them had questionable rookie seasons.

It should be fun watching these young players develop, of course I am here to put my bias slant and say I feel eventually it will prove to be Josh Allen due to the coaching he will receive that will help him achieve his fullest potential. But as for now only the future holds the answer….

Stay Tuned!

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