DeVante Parker In My “Show Me” State!

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I am sick and tired of even reading about DeVante Parker and how great he is doing in OTA’s and training camp because I have seen enough of this player to say we are wasting our time even thinking Parker is not a BUST!

Oh he shines in OTA’s and training camp and maybe even in a game but he is more known for being in poor shape, disappearing after having a great game and being injury prone! There are some things that will not change even with our new coaches and I feel Parker is who he’s shown himself to be these past five seasons.

I was shocked to see the Dolphins sign Parker to a two year extension this off-season in fact I was hoping and preaching for him to be traded.

The only other person I waited for so long to see something happen was Ryan Tannehill, 7 years of waiting and the guy never lived up to expectations but one thing he did do was lived up to his position better than DeVante Parker, there’s been no bigger tease/bust that this team has dealt with the last 20 years.

Once again early in these OTAs and most likely even in training camp you’re going to get every good story about DeVante Parker and how he is lighting our defense up….is it possible that our defense is not that good? When you listen to Parker talk he’ll tell you how good he is and if he can stay healthy he would be a top WR, the only issue is there is no proof of it in all his 5 years in the league.

He is often injured, he will have a GREAT GAME and disappear the rest of the season. He has rarely put together back to back games worthy of a top WR label.

After five years I’m not buying it, I need him to show me in actual games and consistently throughout the year that he can put together multiple games of good play. I don’t want to see one-game where he gets 200 yards receiving only to come back the next game to have a 10 yard reception game.

Parker needs to step up! In fact if it were up to me he would have been traded last year and definitely before this year, I was thrown a back when I found out that the Dolphins picked up his 5th year option, I thought it was just some ploy try to get Teddy Bridgewater to come aboard, because they both went to the same College.

Make no mistake about it I’m not buying into anything that’s printed about this guy I need him to show me on a regular consistent basis before I would even consider such a thing as buying his jersey or even give him my full support, I’ve had enough of all the good stories about what this kid is doing in training camp and OTAs only to see him go out during the regular season and tank.

I told you what his problem is in previous articles it’s his personality, he is soft, he has the personality of a mild-mannered nice guy which goes well in our society but not in the NFL.

The best receivers are the cocky, trash talking. backing it up type player. Most of them are Diva receivers and yes they’re irritating but you cannot deny that you would love to see them play for our team, if they’re playing at a top-level.

We’ve heard all about DeVante Parker potential for the last 5 Years, so I don’t want to read no more stupid articles about how great he’s looking I need him to show me and once he shows me he’ll have my full undivided attention and backing because anybody who can play well for our Dolphins is what I’m looking for.

It’s called the “SHOW ME STATE” and I am not talking about Missouri!

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