No Need To Rush Josh Rosen

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When the Dolphins drafted Ryan Tannehill I from day one, felt he should have been the starter because of his limited play in college that playing football was the only way he was going to get better, unfortunately I never felt the Dolphin provided him with the best coaching that he could have received.

The offenses that he worked under never seem to accentuate his skill levels until Adam Gase came along and by that time injuries beset him and he never lived up to expectations.

Josh Rosen has a chance to be great and I don’t think it’s necessary that the Dolphins should Rush him into the starting lineup because we have Ryan Fitzpatrick who I’m actually looking forward to seeing play this year, of course the media is going to always make an issue out of it, like it’s very important to go ahead and get him playing right away or somehow this 22 year old kid is going to be a failure if he don’t beat out wily veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick.

I find that to be foolish reasoning and once again a media who’s trying to push agendas that the team never ever really supported such as “Tanking” and all the other made up stories that has come through the media and certain bloggers that try and push their narratives.

As for now the Dolphins are headed in the right direction in so many aspects that Josh Rosen sitting for year or two years in my opinion is not the worst thing that could happen,  in fact until he Master everything there’s no rush to get him into the lineup because we have Ryan Fitzpatrick to enjoy this 2019 season.

With this being year one of the rebuild no one has high expectations for the Dolphins (except me of course because I’m a Homer) it’s not going to be the worst thing in the world if this team does not win many games this year because they’re poised to have at least 12 or 13 draft picks next year and the higher they pick the better players they can get picking from the top of the list. I’m not promoting tanking, I don’t agree with the idea, if it happens I just want it to happen naturally.

I’m not looking for the Dolphins to draft a quarterback next year to come in and compete with Rosen, I actually think that they may have landed the right guy now it’s just time to develop him and surround him with the talent he needs to be successful, in fact I think currently on offense the Dolphins already have the talent necessary to be a very good offense it’s the defense that might need some time to develop but rest assured Josh Rosen is in good hands and there is no need to rush him into starting.

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