TDS Final Evaluation of Miami’s 2019 NFL Draft


As you may or may not know I’m not a big proponent of giving grades for the drafts because we really have no clue how these players will turn out, it’s going to take a few years to realize whether they are a good choice or a bust.

So I’ll be talking more about the overall strategy and what on paper appears to be a very solid draft.

With the first pick in the NFL draft the Miami Dolphins chose  Christian Wilkins DT, Clemson, projecting a meat and potato like draft this was a very solid pick but to be honest with you I was upset with the pic because I had in my mind a greater need that the Dolphins passed up when they did not select QB Dwayne Haskins in the draft, at the time I could not believe they passed Haskins up. I also had no idea what they had in store with the second round pick in the NFL draft. So that Thursday I was in a very foul mood!

Without question the biggest win of the draft was the multiple movies made by GM Chris Grier to pick up a second round pick for 2020 as well as bringing a young twenty-two-year-old potential franchise quarterback.

With the 48th pick in the 2019 FL draft the Miami Dolphins made a trade with the New Orleans Saints and traded down and acquired an extra second round pick in 2020. That was a great move on two fronts, the first is that the Dolphins had already planned to trade their second round pick to get Josh Rosen but they took advantage of having the 48th pick and the New Orleans Saints wanting to get up in that spot.

Miami allowed the Saints the trade into their spot and swapped 2nd round picks essentially giving up their 48th pick for the Saints 62nd pick and getting the Saints 2020 2nd round pick also and the Dolphins still was able to acquire Josh Rosen by trading that 62nd pick to the Arizona Cardinals.

This was by far the best draft move that Chris Grier has made since he’s been the GM for the Miami Dolphins. It’s highly likely in past drafts Grier may not have had all the say as Mike Tannenbaum and even Adam Gase had weighed in heavily on decisions and for some reason in my mind I still felt like Mike Tannenbaum had the final say while he was here.

Chris Grier’s decision could potentially turn out to be an excellent move, it all depends on how Josh Rosen develops with the Dolphins. Just the fact that the Dolphins got Josh Rosen for basically 6 billion dollars over the next three years as the Arizona Cardinals paid his signing bonus and everything the previous year, now Josh can take his time and develop with the Dolphins and if he turns out to be a Pro Bowl / franchise quarterback then this was definitely highway robbery but as with anything Only Time Will Tell.

The Final Results of the draft:

Round 1 – #13 – Christian Wilkins DT, Clemson
Round 2 – #*62 – Josh Rosen QB, (Trade With Arizona)
Round 3 – #78 – Michael Deiter G, Wisconsin
Round 5 – #151 – Andrew Van Ginkel LB, Wisconsin
Round 6 – #202 – Isaiah Prince, OT, Ohio State
Round 7 – #233 – Chandler Cox, FB, Auburn
Round 7 – #234 – Myles Gaskin, R, Washington

As for now it appears to be a very solid draft highlighted by the 2nd round moves made by GM Chris Grier.

Pending Grade A+

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