Have The Football Gods Answered Our Prayers?

I have offered up prayers, appeals and was willing to sacrifice my first born but he was bigger than me so I replaced him with a piece of KFC…. This has been going on for quite some time as the Football Gods have challenged my patience and loyalty to my beloved Dolphins as insanity has ruled the day in Miami for the past 20 plus years.

They have invented ways to screw this team up over the years as dumb moves and decisions have been the norm. Every once in a while it looked on paper that they were on the right track but eventually father time proved that they were still stuck on stupid.

Lately things are starting to make sense and at least ON PAPER the Dolphins seem to have their ship headed in the right direction. It all started after another firing of the latest head coach  (Adam Gase) a decision I did not at the time agree with because he was still too young and lacking enough time as Miami’s head coach after being the youngest head coach in the NFL just 3 years earlier upon the Dolphins hiring him.

I feel Adam Gase was headed in the right direction and injuries derailed the team last year. His immaturity unfortunately rubbed quite a few people the wrong way and rumors have it even the Owner of the Dolphins was slighted by Adam Gase which made it easy for Ross to fire Gase after a very miserable ending to the 2018 season  culminating with a beat down up in Buffalo that showed he may have lost the team.

Mr Ross not only let Adam Gase go he also relieved Mike Tannenbaum of his duties of VP of Football operations and finally put the management of the team in its proper order by giving his what appeared to be his “de facto GMChris Grier full control of the team. Some rightfully so put some of the past failures on Chris Grier as he was involved in many of the poor decisions this team have made these past few years. It is hard to put all the blame on Grier because he was not solely making the decisions and the duties were convoluted by giving Mike Tannenbaum and Adam Gase some say in personnel decisions.

Allowing Adam Gase to have total say over the players in the locker room, lead to some questionable decisions in releasing some talented young players these past three years. Finally with the house cleaning over we now have ONE PERSON to pass the blame on and that is Chris Grier and at the same time he also gets all the praise should things go well.

As I mentioned earlier Chris Grier seems to have made some common sense moves this off-season and leading up to and during the draft as he has purged the roster of players draining the salary cap and despite them being good collectively they did not help Miami to achieve success no greater than the stagnant mediocrity the team seems to have been stuck in for far to long.

Looking at the moves like purging the roster, accumulating draft picks for 2020 and trading for a 22 year old QB who was caught up in a bad situation and just might be the answer we all have been looking for 20 years or more.

Yes on paper things are looking really good in Miami, I just hope father time is not waiting to prank us with a rouge coach or devastating injuries that will send this team reeling. As for now the rebuild is in full force and the Dolphins seem to be headed down the road to respectability and the 2019 season just needs to get out of our way.

Fins Up!

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