Why Josh Rosen Will Succeed!

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We all know the history, it’s been well over 20 plus years since the Dolphins have had a true franchise quarterback. The last time was when the greatest Quarterback in Miami Dolphins history Dan Marino retired.

Ever since Marino retired the Dolphins have struggled to find a legitimate franchise quarterback, Ryan Tannehill our last 7 years teased us but never consistently played well enough to justify the money he was making and now the question is did the Dolphins hold on to Ryan too long is a legitimate one to have.

I’ve written about what my theory is on quarterbacks and how to develop them and if you look at the history of this team the very thing that I’ve always talked about never truly existed UNTIL NOW!

What is that? Well let me give you a little background first. Keep in mind that every person drafted out of college are still young men early in their lives ( Josh Rosen is just 22 years old ) still impressionable and can be molded, hopefully into the best player they can possibly be on a professional level. What helps in that development is having the right coaching in place!

Over the years I’ve been complaining about that very subject, the Dolphins not having the right people in place the coach up players being drafted either on the defensive side or the offensive side of the ball and specifically at the Quarterback position.

If you look at the history of this team when they’ve drafted quarterbacks since Marino the Dolphins have never really had a competent quarterback coach to help develop these young players, if you don’t get them trained right coming out of college and get him in the right hands it’s almost impossible to go back and try to correct the issues.

The difference this year and why I feel it will work is the Dolphins brought in Jim Caldwell with all his wealth of knowledge and experience on the offensive side of the ball, from being a head coach, offensive coordinator and coaching just about every offensive position over the years, Jim Caldwell’s only responsibility is to be the quarterbacks coach for Miami.

I think this was one of the smartest decisions the Dolphins made bringing Jim Caldwell to teach whatever young quarterback they chose in the draft, it just so happens the Dolphins fortunately was able to make a great deal and trade for Josh Rosen.

Rosen is in good hands it will soon become evident as he develops in the Dolphins system I do anticipate him being a very good quarterback for this team and hopefully the answer that we’ve all been looking for for well over 20 years.

I’m looking forward to training camp, my personal preference is I would love for Miami to sit Josh Rosen for the entire year and just left Fitzpatrick have his fun for the season but have Josh trained well enough to be ready to step in and take over as soon as they feel he’s ready.

It’s a combination of a few things that makes this a great opportunity for Rosen to succeed, one is  Josh Rosen himself, two is his desire to improve and three having the right people in place to make sure he can accomplish his goals and that we come up with the best Josh Rosen that he can be.

Hopefully that will be our franchise quarterback for years to come!

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