I’m Trying Hard Not To Like Brian Flores….BUT!

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There is a reason why I have “Homer Simpson” as my avatar; I am truly a HOMER when it comes to our Dolphins! I am a GLASS HALF FULL kind of person, the ultimate optimist!

But after years/decades of disappointments, let downs as well as a turn-style like mentality with the Dolphins management and coaching even I am skeptical trusting the Dolphins might finally have it right!

Every time a new coach is hired you get those feel good stories about what’s different from this coach as opposed to past coaches. The players chime in on how this guy is much better than the last guy because he does this and he does that.

We tend to paint the Old Coach as the one who didn’t have it right such as Adam Gase maybe not being as disciplined as Brian Flores. Wasn’t Adam Gase supposed to be the “Quarterback Whisperer” the offensive Guru the genius? Something happened along the way I’m still not sure what because they had the talent on offense but the production never was there.

Now the Dolphins have swung to the other side of the pendulum and brought in a defensive-minded coach and so we all expect this defense to become one of the top defenses in the league in a few years and if it does not happen then this coach will be criticized and rightfully so!

So excuse me for not buying into anything at this point in time until we actually see the Dolphins play football this season, I’m not overly concerned about wins and losses more so than how they win and how they lose, if this team gets blown out like the previous four five different head coaches have experienced, then I’m not sold on anything that’s being produced by Brian Flores.

What I expect is a well coached, well disciplined, tough-minded and a physically tough team! Something the Dolphins have gotten away from over the years. A team that can effectively stop the run and at the same time run the ball well! That should be evident from day one as they put the pieces together, sure they might be short of all the talent that they might eventually want to have over the next few years but there should be some immediate results on the field of a team that is well disciplined, well coach and hard to beat.

Adam Gase did a good job of winning at home, I want the same standard from this current coach the good teams protect their home base and so even though the Dolphins might have a difficult schedule, I expect them to have a good home record, at least six wins or more at home this year. There’s a certain amount of pride a team should have, especially when playing at home and that should be evident right away under Coach Flores.

I will admit that even though we have not played one game, I’m impressed with what is coming out of the Dolphins facility under this new head coach. I’m impressed with the way he interviews and I’m impressed with what people are saying about him but I would not go to the extreme of prematurely calling him Coach of the Year as one person is already predicting. He is already making it hard not to like him!

I just want the Dolphins to be successful and in this first year success is not always determined by wins and losses more so than how this team begins and ends the season. If they begin slowly, I expect them to end the season playing Brian Flores’ style of ball and being better off than where they were when they began the season, leaving hope for the next year then maybe I will buy into the fact that we’re on the right track.

Only Time will tell!

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