TDS Take And Grade For Miami’s 2019 NFL Draft!

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The one frustrating thing about spending a lot of time creating a mock draft is when the player you projected the Dolphins to take (a player of need) and that player is on the board at the time Miami picks and they pass them as if they were a hitchhiker on the side of the road. That’s what happened when Miami at 13 drove right past Dwayne Haskins on their way to pick up DT Christian Wilkins, I’ll be honest with you I was totally upset.

I was looking for the nearest bridge to jump off of and I was teased mercilessly at work because I told everybody about my projection, after day one of the draft I was not a happy camper!

Needless to say analyst all praised the pick and as I followed along in a draft tracker the Dolphins pick garnered the only A+ grade of the day.

What A Difference A Day Makes!

Day 2 of the NFL draft could not have gone any better, as I began to see the BIG PICTURE as Miami did what I wanted them to do, trade down and acquire more picks so at pick #48 our original pick for the 2nd round the Dolphins traded down from No. 48 to No. 62 with the Saints and picked up a 2020 second round pick  then they traded their #62 pick they acquired from the Saints and got Josh Rosen the 22 year old first round QB (#10 overall in the 2018 NFL draft) taken last year and picked up his contract that pays 6.2 million for the next 3 seasons with the 5th year option ta boot!

They got a young quarterback who was dumped buy a team that showed little class and then when you think about the fact that the kid is only 22 years old, was one of the top-rated quarterbacks coming out the draft last year, had to endure a terrible rookie season much like some of the other quarterbacks who still turned out to be pretty good like maybe Jared Goff’s rookie season and Peyton Manning who threw 28 interceptions his rookie season…

One year is never enough time to truly evaluate a quarterback and the Dolphins took a shot on a player who cannot be more motivated than Josh Rosen must be at this point.

I feel this was the steal of the draft! An excellent move that could potentially turn out to be the acquisition of a franchise quarterback for years to come, now it’s up to Josh Rosen the prove them right and everybody else wrong especially the Arizona Cardinals!

Needless to say that made my day! With that one move trading down acquiring an extra 2nd rounder in 2020 and getting a young potential franchise QB extremely motivated on the cheap, that was the key to making our 2019 NFL draft a huge success!

Now this was not a sexy draft it was one of those meat-and-potatoes drafts as they surgically implanted players of need like in Round 3 – #78 – Michael Deiter G, Wisconsin also in Round 5 – #151 – Andrew Van Ginkel LB, Wisconsin and Round 6 – #202 – Isaiah Prince, OT, Ohio State, Round 7 – #233 – Chandler Cox, FB, Auburn, and finally Round 7 – #234 – Myles Gaskin, RB, Washington.

So far their actions (especially this year) since Chris Grier has been given full control I must say I trust these guys!

Yes I’m still disappointed that we didn’t get Dwayne Haskins because I really wanted to see this kid develop in Miami, but I’m quickly warming up and beginning to really like Josh Allen so much more, especially considering what he did leaving Arizona, he showed tremendous class and maturity in everything he did, his actions alone has won him praise from Arizona to Miami and after all he’s been through I truly am rooting for this kid to make it with our Miami Dolphins.

The best thing GM Chris Grier has been able to accomplish is the picks that he’s been able to acquire for the 2020 NFL draft, so far it looks like the Dolphins will have at least 12 or 13 picks with the opportunity to stockpile picks for the future as many pics as possible with options to trade up or trade back and acquire who they want, things are looking good in Miami from a management standpoint.

My grade for the 2019 Miami Dolphins NFL draft  is an A+ what is there not to like about this draft

Fins Up!

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