The Dolphins Can Do No Wrong In The Upcoming Draft!

Image result for with the 13th pick the Miami Dolphins select

(The Last Time Miami Selected 13th In The Draft We Got A Steal!)

With just about 4 days to go the Miami Dolphins will be selecting a player in the NFL draft currently with the 13th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft.

With the Dolphins basically in “rebuild mode” they can do just about anything, trade up, trade down, stand Pat! Whatever decision they make it can’t be wrong because of so many holes that need to be filled. They must get an impact player or walk away with multiple pics that gives them a greater chance in getting a hit. I’ve made it no secret what my wishes for the Dolphins are, I want them to do whatever they can to get Dwayne Haskins in a Dolphins uniform!

The Quarterback position is so important especially for our Dolphins that we can’t wait until next year as so many seem to think they will to address the position. Haskins is a perfect pick for so many reasons even the fact that he has played only one season and will need to sit for a year or two and develop because we are currently in no hurry to have him start as long as they have a plan in place to help develop him into a future franchise quarterback and with Fitzpatrick on board as our stop-gap QB who will bring a little fun at a position that was manned 7 years by a very unemotional Ryan Tannehill  the future could look bright for the QB position in Miami.

Haskins also fits in with a few other teams selecting ahead of Miami as well (Giants, Bengals, Bronco’s?) so who knows if he will be there at 13 for the taking? I would love for him to be in Miami but picking at 13 there’s a great chance that he will be off the board before the 13th pick.

The one thing that would totally send me to the psycho ward is if Miami at 13 have Haskins on the board and they pass on him or trade down! I will probably have to purchase a new TV!!!!! Will the Dolphins be bold enough to trade up and get Dwayne Haskins?

That’s what makes the draft so exciting, we build up all this anticipation for months and months only to be let down with the actual pick, now don’t get me wrong the Dolphins need help at just about every position on their roster.

Like another impact player at the Safety position because I don’t see Reshad Jones being around too much longer beyond this season, you name the position: Quarterback, Running back, Wide receiver, Offensive lineman, Defensive lineman and Defensive backs the Dolphins need bodies just about everywhere!

As stuck as I am on Haskins I still feel Drew Lock & Daniel Jones also would be worth taking in round 1 if the Dolphins lose out or is not interested in Haskins.

That’s what makes the draft so fun and frustrating at the same time is what’s going to happen at the top of the board and every pick before us, will The Cardinals really take Kyler Murray, will Denver decide to pass on the Quarterback position early and pick one later, will the Giants do the same, what if Arizona doesn’t take Kyler Murray? So many questions and so many scenarios will unfold this coming Thursday evening.

I’m pretty sure every team have their draft boards set, they know what they want to do but the only team in total control of their pick is the Arizona Cardinals, from that point on everyone else have to wait, just as we will sit back and see what the Dolphins do at 13 if they decide to stay there.

So get your popcorn ready because it’s going to be a fun and exciting event! I’m looking forward to this draft I think it’s going to be one of our better drafts as we will get a top player, I do not think it Dolphins will trade down out of the 13th spot but probably do more trading down from round 2 on to pick up extra pics but I could be wrong about that too, that’s another wonderful thing about the Dolphins right now there have been no leaks,  not even a clue what they want to do.

so we are all sitting here speculating with an eye towards players that we personally would love to see in a Dolphin uniform and we don’t have much longer to wait the draft is just around the corner!

Fins Up!!!

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