What TDS Would Do In The 2019 Draft

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Miami is in the QB market and I have no doubt that they will draft a QB this year in one of the rounds, currently they have the 13th, 48th, 78th, 116th, 151st, 233rd & 234th in the upcoming 2019 NFL Draft, they also have ammunition with more picks they are expected to have in the 2020 NFL Draft.

The Good news is that Miami have time to make the call as they are in year 1 of the rebuild with first year head coach Brian Flores and his staff having lowered expectations for the 2019 season they need not be overly concerned about losing games in 2019. NO I am not preaching “Tank For Tua” more than being realistic about a potential brutal  2019 season as the coach builds a winning culture with what might be the youngest team in the NFL in 2019. Don’t confuse them being a young team with them not having talent on the roster even before the draft.

The Dolphins roster is full of holes that need to be filled and the draft will not be enough to fill all the holes we have, so despite my desire to get QB Dwayne Haskins (who is being pushed down the draft board because some teams are trying to see if he will slide to them) I would stay at 13 and not try to trade up even for Haskins.

If he should fall to us at 13 I would run to put in our draft pick for him. But if he is off the board Miami have options and they are basically 3 options Trade Up, Stand Pat and pick or Trade Down and acquire more draft picks.

I have come across a very fun NFL Draft Simulator there are other ones out there but this one allows trades and with each pick you have, you will get trade offers from other teams usually about 3 trade offers. I ended up with 17 draft pick in one draft as I traded down.  You can also attempt a trade deal for any pick and you will either be accepted or rejected by the team you are trying to do a deal with. You better be prepared to make a serious offer or it will be rejected. It can be addictive for a draft junkie (I.E. GEEK) like me. Try it out just click on the link above. (or here)

Back to the upcoming draft:

I brought up the simulator because of the one draft where I collected a total of 17 draft picks by trading down quite a few times. I am not sure if it is based off of real life situations that the NFL teams deal with but the concept of trading down on multiple occasions to acquire as many picks as we can because we are REBUILDING and the more the merrier!

So I am not opposed to the rumors that Miami might trade out of the 13th pick for more picks later in the draft. I just don’t want them to forgo taking a difference maker nor one of the top 3 QB’s in next weeks draft because it is imperative that this new regime get a QB on track ASAP because despite having a 5 year contract BOTH our GM and Head Coach really have maybe 3 seasons before their seats get hot and for Chris Grier it may be even shorter as some even today question how much he had control over past decisions made.

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