The Dolphins Leak Free?

Image result for no more leaks

I’m not sure if you noticed along with many of the changes in the Dolphins organization, GM Chris Grier seems to have put a lid on information flowing from the organization as gone are the leaks coming from the team or unnamed sources.

Chris Grier values his privacy and I’m sure they’re doing everything they can to plug any leaks, even some of the seasoned veteran reporters seem to be in the dark as to what the Dolphins plans are and you know the first thing they will do before they try to penetrate the new Fort Knox is they’ll start throwing things up hoping something will stick or to get a reply from the Dolphins.

So far the Dolphins have ignored the rumors, slander, and out right fabrications by the professional reporters as they are just as clueless as we are when it comes to what the Dolphins will do.

It seems that along with Mike Tannebaum’s departure the leaks have dried up….it actually makes that draft much more exciting and I am really looking forward to the draft two weeks from today!

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