Would The Dolphins Draft Drew Lock with Pick 13?

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The Dolphins will address the QB position and they are doing their due diligence and looking into every scenario most likely for the next 3 years as to who they would target for the most important position on any NFL roster because the Dolphins NEED TO GET THIS RIGHT!

So lets talk about Missouri QB Drew Lock considered by some to be a cross between Brett Favre and Jay Cutler, he is another QB projected to go in the first round of the upcoming 2019 NFL Draft. The question is where will he go and would the Dolphins take him at #13?

In the three horse race he is considered by many to be the 3rd best QB in the upcoming draft, though some feel he just might be ahead of my favorite Ohio State’s QB Dwayne Haskins. There are potentially 5 teams looking to draft a QB in the first round of the draft even though smoke screens are just as rampant as ever we must consider that Arizona, The Raiders, The Giants, Denver and The Bengals all of whom pick before the Dolphins, just might pull the trigger and draft a QB early. If at least two of them decide to draft a QB it is possible that Lock will be there at 13 if both Murry & Haskins are taken.

I will talk about the Dolphins trading up in another article shortly, but  for now I will go under the assumption that the Dolphins will stand at pick 13 and take a player there. Would Miami draft Drew Lock at 13 if the top two are gone?

Unfortunately due to the importance of the position teams tend to reach for a QB especially in the first round and at 13 I feel the Dolphins might would be reaching should he be there and they take Lock. Miami is in total rebuild mode and I cannot see them passing up on the talent that would have fallen due to teams taking QB’s early there would be some pretty talented players at greater value at 13 than Drew Lock who buy all accounts have a lot of work to do before he is ready to start in the NFL.

The Dolphins on the other hand just might be the team that can take him and sit him behind veteran QB Ryan Fitzpatrick for a year or two, or even more if need be until Lock is ready to take the reins. As important as that position is would it be foolish to pass up on a young talented but not ready for prime time player? Is it better to swing and miss then to never had swung at all?

Passing up on better talent is not the way Chris Grier has drafted so far because he will take TBPA for sure or if they like Lock would they trade down and risk getting him in a later round or if they lose out on Lock would the 4th best QB Daniel Jones be an option in round 3?

This is a very complected situation to be in because of the Dolphins needs and I am glade I am not actually the one that will make that decision but if I were I would take the TBPA at 13 and Drew Lock would not (under this scenario) be TBPA.

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