Miami Dolphins 2019 7 Round Mock Draft (With Options)

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Team Needs : QB, DE, OT, RB, S, G, DT, CB

With The 2019 NFL Draft fast approaching I decided to look at multiple options at each pick based off of the Miami Dolphins needs. The players listed are PROJECTED to be in the area of where the Dolphins will select players based off their current draft picks.

If you click on the names it will take you to the 2019 NFL DRAFT – PROSPECTS that gives you a little information (pros and cons) on the players and a grade.

Round 1: 13th pick, 13th overall

Round 2: 16th pick, 48th overall

Round 3: 15th pick, 78th overall

Round 4: 14th pick, 116th overall 

Round 5: 13th pick, 151st overall 

Round 7, 19th pick, 233rd overall

Round 7: 20th pick, 234th overall

These are the names I came up with based off Miami’s needs and if I were the GM who I would have on my board.

I will do a little more research and make my final “Mock Draft” based off of one of the names listed here per round very soon.

Stay Tuned!

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