The Best Decision So Far By The Dolphins This Year!

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So far so good when it comes to the Dolphins 2019 transitions/acquisitions and how they manage themselves through the first stage of free agency. Just to recap they dumped Ryan Tannehill, allowed Cameron Wake to walk, Purged the roster of most of the high-priced age veterans and even the ones left on the roster most likely have a limited lifespan of 1 to 2 years on this roster.

They brought in Ryan Fitzpatrick as a stopgap quarterback, gave him a two-year contract, obviously with the hopes of drafting a new young quarterback in either the 2019 or 2020 draft (or both) as general manager Chris Grier said and they allowed Ja’Wuan James to walk instead of overpaying for his services like Denver.

All of their moves so far I applaud but there’s one decision that they made to me was the wisest of all moves and it goes back to before free agency started when I projected that the Dolphin would pursue quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and even though some we’re skeptical of my prediction.

I stuck with my guns and lo and behold the Dolphins truly did pursue Teddy Bridgewater.

What I did not take into account was that Teddy Bridgewater has a high opinion of his self-worth then what I thought he would, my thinking was that Teddy Bridgewater would love to come back and play for his hometown team with an opportunity to redeem himself, restart his career and at just 26 years of age, with a chance to show everybody that he is the future franchise quarterback the Dolphins are looking for.  I thought Teddy Bridgewater would not want to be a backup any longer especially since he’s already been a starter before.

I was totally wrong, Teddy Bridgewater apparently tried to fleece the Dolphins and have them overpay for his services, he was looking for a big payday with nothing to back it up, he obviously thought Mike Tenenbaum was still here making decisions because it’s a great possibility that Mike Tenenbaum would have given them exactly what they wanted.

The new frugal and smart decision-making that’s coming from the Dolphins management today did not give in to Teddy Bridgewater demands even though they tried to convince him to come aboard he over played his hand only to end up deciding to stay with the Saints as a backup with delusion of grandeur that he will somehow step in after Drew Brees retires and become the Saints franchise quarterback of the future.

There’s a cliché and (yes I’m an unapologetic cliche guy) that says “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” Teddy Bridgewater will never become the quarterback that he think he will become for the Saints, I think he missed out on a great opportunity in Miami and much credit goes to the Dolphins management for not folding and giving in to his demands. The Dolphins made a wiser decision to bring in veteran journeyman quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick as a stop-gap Quarterback until they bring in another young player to challenge for the job and hopefully be that replacement we are looking for and our future franchise quarterback.

It is a pleasant surprise to see the Dolphins management set a price for players and stick to that price and move on if the players are not willing to accept the price, now they’re not on the level of the New England Patriots (yet) a team that can convince players to come aboard with a hope of winning a championship, the Dolphins are in a rebuild. It doesn’t hurt to have that Championship mentality even in the rebuild and I give the Dolphins management much credit for sticking to their guns, sticking to their price and letting Teddy Bridgewater stay down in New Orleans with his delusion of grandeur.

That is by far the best move the Dolphins made this  off-season!

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