No Pain, No Gain!

No Pain No Gain Quote 3 Picture Quote #1

Phase one of the rebuild is just about over with the PURGE that left quite a few openings in Miami’s starting roster.

Gone are our starting QB for the past 7 years and we brought in a stopgap veteran quarterback to man that position until we get our young rookie franchise quarterback of the future in the next draft or two or three??? Gone are many of our defensive starters and aged veterans Wake, Branch, Hayes as it is obvious they will be looking to focus on the Defensive side of the ball in the rebuild.

Frank Gore the starting RB has moved on to Buffalo, Danny Amendola our top receiver went to Detroit, Josh Sitton gone, Sam Young gone, Ted Larsen gone.

The Dolphins are stripped down to the young foundation and there are plenty of holes to plug and this will be a potentially 2-3 year process that will be potentially painful. No Pain, No Gain, that should be the theme we Dolphins fans have in mind starting with the 2019 season. I realize that Miami is rebuilding and that it might hurt a little to watch this team play starting in 2019 with first time head coach Brian Flores but I have no doubt the every time they take the field we will get a good game and be in place to win. (NO TANKING)

It just might be that despite their efforts they are not talented enough nor experienced enough to win many games starting off and with that I am ok with. What I will be looking for is how this team is being developed and coached and if we have the right people in place to prove a measure of hope for the future.

It will be more about how they look at the end of the 2019 season than what they look like starting off. I expect some pain but want some glimmer of hope despite the tough road ahead. We Dolphins fans have been slowly stabbed to death for the past 20 years and we will gladly take whatever relief we can get to move away from the consistent mediocrity we’ve endured throughout this purgatory we have been condemned to.

What I don’t want is to endure this pain too much longer! So either relieve me of my pain by getting it right or let father time put me out of my misery because we have endured enough of the prolonged pain without any relief.

Hopefully that true light at the end of the tunnel will shine somewhere in this upcoming season and by the end a measure of hope will abound as it seems the drivers of this team are finally headed in the right direction and so far I am on board for the ride…..(As if I Have a choice)

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