Players Still In The Cross-Hairs?

It’s been a pure “Blood Bath” as the Dolphins have been purging their roster of aged players as well as ones with high contracts.  Most of the purges were expected starting with Ryan Tannehill (shipped off to the Titans) and one young player who is still in his prime but received a huge contract with the Broncos that the Dolphins wisely refused to match.

We are now in the LULL period of the NFL season where most teams are huddled in the respective headquarters going over mock drafts and building their top-secret DRAFT BOARDS in lieu of the actual 2019 NFL Draft.

So the blood-letting is over for now until they are done with the draft and go into that frenzy of convincing the undrafted players they covet to come to Miami and with them in full rebuild mode and roster spots up for grabs the Dolphins will most likely have plenty of room for some of them to make the 2019 roster going into training camp.

What also takes place shortly after the draft is teams dumping some veteran players who’s been displaced/replaced by a young puppy looking to make a name for themselves. Miami’s roster has been through changes this off-season  unlike in recent years the team has decided to go through the arduous task of rebuilding and the fans seem to be accepting of that fate.

The question is are the Dolphins through purging? Or are there still some moves yet to be made? Here is a list of names still on the roster that are living on borrowed time in a Miami Dolphins uniform.

The players listed are ones that have been linked to rumors of them being traded or cut as this team continue the rebuild.

The 2019 Miami Dolphins roster will be full of names of players who are looking to make a name for themselves and I am sure the Dolphins will hit on a few players  that will excite the fan base as future star players for our Dolphins.

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