Are The Dolphins Worse Off?

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The Miami Dolphins are in full rebuild mode, they have blown up just about their whole roster, gone are starters such as QB Ryan Tannehill, DE’s Cameron Wake, Andre Branch and Robert Quinn, RB Frank Gore, WR Danny Amendola and there’s even speculation that Reshad Jones may also be on the chopping block.

The Dolphins are projected to be one of the worst teams in 2019 based off their actions to date and the current state of the roster.

Once again let me explain to you about the glass half empty and the glass half-full people we have those whose glass is half empty who want to portray the Dolphins as a terrible team looking to “tank for Tua”. (Tuanigamanuolepola “Tua” Tagovailoa)

People site all the players lost as an excuse to claim that the Dolphins will be a terrible team despite GM Chris Grier and head coach Brian Flores protestation some still claim the Dolphins are going to deliberately try to lose games (I. E. tanking)  as if that’s a guarantee for them to get a top draft pick next year to pick one of the top quarterbacks of the 2020 draft.

Even some of the so-called professional writers out there one in particular is doing his best to paint a negative narrative about this team most likely because the Dolphins have closed the leaks coming out of camp. So expect some crazy reports coming from some who will throw anything out there to make something stick because they lost their source of information (Mike Tannenbaum) as he is no longer involved in decision-making on the team.

So back to the question of this article are the Dolphins worse off then they’ve ever been in quite some time, are they headed for a Cam Cameron type season?

The simple answer is it’s a matter of perspective.

The facts are the Dolphins even with all the players that they recently dumped, traded or let go for the pursuit of riches have been projected to be a two – three win team for the last two or three years.

The fact is the Miami Dolphins even with all the talent that they’ve had has only been able to manage 6, 7 and 8 wins a season on average over the last 20 years. The fact is the Miami Dolphins navigation has been full of contradictions, they tried to sell us on being one of the youngest teams in the NFL, then he went out and brought in a bunch of veteran players only to have the end results in their win-loss column about the same .500.

I’ll be the first to admit that it hurt to lose a couple of players, I didn’t want Ja’ Wuan James to go but I sure didn’t want the Dolphins to pay him the money that Denver paid him! I also regret losing Cameron Wake, even though I know it was the right decision to make. So I ask you how is it that the Miami Dolphins are worse off then what we’ve been dealing with for the last 20 years?

None of us know what the 2019 season will bring but one thing for sure we will no longer have any false hopes for 2019, at the same time there’s a lot of work to be done filling roster spots for the 2019 season. A roster that most likely will be filled with very young players through the draft, Free Agency II and undrafted free agents.

There’s a difference from being a bad team and being an inexperienced team most likely our roster will be filled with players that have very limited experience in the NFL starting with our young veterans on the team all the way down to the new rookies and undrafted free agents that will make the roster this year.

So “Lowered Expectations” is in no way a worse off situation for the Miami Dolphins and now that the fan base have bought into this rebuild there’s hardly any expectations for what this team will do, but what we will see this year is the nucleus of the future starting with the young veteran players that we have on this team.

So all this “the Dolphins don’t have Talent” “they’re going to be terrible” is just not reality, there is talent on this team like our young talented receivers, we have a young backfield of running backs we have a young offensive line and I expect the Dolphins defense to be load it up with young Talent headed by last years first round pick Minkah Fitzpatrick.

So if you are like me a glass-half-full person the Dolphins are not worse off, in fact I contend they’re better off than they’ve ever been in quite some time just by stripping everything down to the foundation and hopefully this time rebuilding starting with the most important piece our future franchise quarterback yet-to-be-determined and that too in itself is exciting anticipating who that person will be.

The End results of all these changes will be a HOPE FOR THE FUTURE that has been non-existent since number 13 and the Dolphins G.O.A.T head coach retired.

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