Reading Between The Lines

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Make no mistake about it the Dolphins are looking for their quarterback in the 2019 draft this year!

Some have been speculating that Miami will be looking to draft a quarterback in the 2020 draft forgoing 2019 to concentrate on the offensive and defensive lines and even though the Dolphins have holes throughout both sides of the line, there’s no greater important position then the quarterback position and NOW is the time to address it not next year for many reasons.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is not the future, he is here to be a stop-gap and mentor for our  quarterback of the future so is it just me who reasons that signing Ryan to just a two-year deal screams that the Dolphins intend to have a rookie QB in the folds this year?

I made my 7 round mock draft in January and I listed Dwayne Haskins as Miami’s pick in the first round. My reason being he is a prototypical QB that passes the eye test with just about everything the Dolphins are looking for. He is a pocket passer with a strong-arm and can make every throw and with a HIGH IQ. The only flaw is he is a one year starter who might need to sit for a year or two….sounds familiar with the signing of Fitzpatrick?

So for those who are now catching up with YOUR DOLPHIN SEER I say welcome aboard!  I still stand by my decision that the Dolphins are looking at Dwayne Haskins as the number one pick in the 2019 NFL draft. They need to do whatever they can to get their QB of the future. Even though I feel there is another option should they lose out on Haskins. 

The Miami Dolphins are in the “Quarterback Market” NOW, in fact, It wouldn’t surprise me if they doubled up in the draft this year at the quarterback position. Looking for both their starter and a developmental quarterback because the one thing they should do that they didn’t do with Ryan Tannehill is create competition in the quarterback room because competition will force both quarterbacks to reach their full potential.

Matt Moore was the worst thing to happen to Ryan Tannehill as they were buddies and Matt had ZERO desire to push for the starting job and Ryan was never truly challenged or pushed. Hopefully those days are behind us as Ryan has moved on as a Backup in Tennessee and Matt Moore has not even been offered as much as a backup position in the NFL.

Dwayne Haskins had his PRO DAY at Ohio State today and there were plenty of folks in attendance and the Dolphins are scheduled to meet with him privately this evening he has already meet with the Giants who pick 6th in the first round of the  upcoming NFL draft.

Round 1

  1. Arizona (3-13) .527
  2. San Francisco (4-12) .504
  3. New York Jets (4-12) .506
  4. Oakland (4-12) .547
  5. Tampa Bay (5-11) .523
  6. New York Giants (5-11) .527
  7. Jacksonville (5-11) .549
  8. Detroit (6-10) .504
  9. Buffalo (6-10) .523
  10. Denver (6-10) .523
  11. Cincinnati (6-10) .535
  12. Green Bay (6-9-1) .488
  13. Miami (7-9) .469
  14. Atlanta (7-9) .482
  15. Washington (7-9) .486
  16. Carolina (7-9) .508
  17. New York Giants – from Cleveland (7-8-1) .516
  18. Minnesota (8-7-1) .504
  19. Tennessee (9-7) .520
  20. Pittsburgh (9-6-1) .504
  21. Seattle* (10-6) .484
  22. Baltimore* (10-6) .496
  23. Houston* (11-5) .471
  24. Oakland – from Chicago* (12-4) .430
  25. Philadelphia* (9-7) .518
  26. Indianapolis* (10-6) .465
  27. Oakland – from Dallas* (10-6) .488
  28. Los Angeles Chargers* (12-4) .477
  29. Kansas City* (12-4) .480
  30. Green Bay – from New Orleans* (13-3) .482
  31. Los Angeles Rams* (13-3) .480
  32. New England* (11-5) .482

The Dolphins have some legitimate competition for Haskins as the teams in BOLD print are potential suitors that are QB needy teams too.

Now that phase 1 of free agency is over the NFL has shifted for the most part towards the upcoming Draft and the Dolphins have focused in on what they plan to do and I am hopeful that they will find a way to get Dwayne Haskins in the fold.

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