Why “Tanking” Is Not Necessary

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No matter what you say there’s some people out there who are stuck on the idea of the Miami Dolphins Tanking as opposed to Rebuilding

I decided to take a moment to define the difference between “Tanking” and “Rebuilding” and then explain it in the context of what the Dolphins are actually are doing.

Tanking is Defined as:

Urban Dictionary says: Tanking is the act of giving up a match or “throwing it away”, losing intentionally or not competing. 

Websters Dictionary says: To lose intentionally give up in competition

Rebuild is defined as:

Urban Dictionary says: ... To Repair

Websters Dictionaryto make extensive changes

So what exactly are the Dolphins doing? Are they planing to throw away the 2019 season by tanking games and the season?

Or are they rebuilding with the intent to repair a broken system and turn this teams fortunes around?

What did GM Chris Grier say when asked that question?

“We’re not trying to lose games,” Grier said Wednesday at the NFL Scouting Combine. “We’re going to do what’s best. We’re going to build like we’ve talked about building right, going through the process to do what’s best for the Dolphins. But no we’re not trying to tank or lose every game. but we’re going to build it right and see how it plays out.” …..“You have to let it go,” Grier said. “I don’t see how you could ask 53 guys to put their body on the line to lose games.”

Palm Beach Post

Now I know many times what these guys say you can almost see their fingers crossed behind their backs or a wink or two when they lie without blinking!

So let’s use a little common sense and review with Chris Grier said

Chris Grier said Point Blank they are not trying to lose games (The Definition of Tanking) he went on to say (which makes the most sense of all)  “I don’t see how you can ask 53  guys to put their body on the line to lose games”

And how do you convince rookie coach Brian Flores that he should throw the games?

So what is it that the Dolphins are actually trying to do?

The Dolphins are rebuilding, what does that mean? Here’s exactly what it means the Dolphins are following a plan that they’ve laid out to fix this team’s issues that’s been plaguing us for well over 20 years.

If you’ve been paying attention they have avoided spending a lot of money in free agency they have allowed a few players to move on, some due to age and some due to high salary demands that they refuse to pay and all with the intent to fix their cap issues and be in position in 2020 to do the major part of rebuilding.

So they did not spend a lot of money, they are accumulating draft picks, they are getting rid of the old veteran players and they’re basically making room for a lot of young players to come into the organization by means of draft, free agency and UDFA’s.

They have been honest as to what their intent is and due to the rebuild it’s a great possibility this team might not win a lot of games in 2019 but it’s not like they’re intentionally trying to lose games more than they’re intentionally trying to rebuild this team and whatever happens, happen.

I’ve read where some are panicking because they just signed QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (who’s not a bad quarterback) and some are afraid that he might help them win too many games in 2019…Really????

I don’t get how these people reason that somehow the Dolphins will deliberately lose games and end up getting the first pick in the 2020 NFL draft. Like they have that much control over the process.

There are other ways to get the first pick in the draft or a top 10 pick in the 2020 draft other than TANKING, one way is by accumulating a lot of pics that you can use to trade up in the draft, the Dolphins currently are working on 10 draft picks for 2020 and might accumulate more.

Let’s say the Dolphins end up 8-8 again in the 2019-20 season and they end up picking 13 like this year, what they will have next year that they don’t have this year is ammunition (more draft picks) to trade up if they so desire. The fact remains that there’s no way in the world this team will deliberately try to lose games but they have a plan in place and so far have followed that plan to “REBUILD”!

CBS reporter  in an article titled “Let The Dolphins Tank In Peace”  despite my disdain for the title, the article is spot on in advising the fans to not panic because the Dolphins in their REBUILD are doing the right thing.

Call it Tanking or Rebuilding the fact remains we are are expecting major changes that just might involve some emotional stress and frustration but if we as fans can have their vision and see what they are trying to do they will get the support of some of the greatest fans in the NFL my fellow Dol-Fans!

Fins Up Baby!!!!

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