Miami Should Look Into Jacoby Brissett

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“Everybody in this room wants to be a starter,” Brissett said. “Nobody wants to be a backup.”

Obviously that is not a quote from Teddy “I want to be paid crazy money” Bridgewater but it is a quote from Jacoby Brissett who is sitting behind Andrew Luck as a very good back up QB that displayed some potential in 2017 in place of the injured Luck.

As the Dolphins Fantasy GM I would be calling the Colts and asking what’s the price and try my best to make a deal.

Jacoby Brissett is in the final year of his rookie contract and would jump at the opportunity to be a starting QB in the NFL in 2017 when he took over the starting job in place of Andrew Luck he threw for 3,098 yards, 13 touchdowns, seven interceptions and an 81.7 quarterback rating.

The Colts GM had this to say about Brissett:

This is what I told Jacoby I said, ‘I am not giving you away, won’t do it.’ I said, ‘I had chances last year and I didn’t do it and I won’t do it again.’ It would have to be right organizationally and for him. I want to do the right thing for the player too now. I want to do the right thing for Jacoby. Jacoby has too much value to us, not only as our backup quarterback, who I think you can absolutely win with and I think he is a starter in the league, but also to the locker room

Jacoby is a Florida native he was born in West Palm Beach Florida he was drafted by the  Patriots in 2016 so our current staff should have plenty of knowledge on him and the year that he started he played very well for the Indianapolis Colts.

Brissett has the prototypical size for a QB at 6″- 4″ 236 LBS can make all the throws and is set to become a free agent next season with no shot at the starting job in Indy.

The fact that the Dolphins have not kick this tires makes me wonder if they know something about Jacoby that’s preventing them from seeking his services because I see a guy who has sat and worked behind Andrew Luck and the players respect him in the locker room and a guy who really wants to start.

The Dolphins are that quarterback-needy team and the right organization that would offer Jacoby a shot at the starting job. It would not hurt to explore the option. It’s not like we have anything to lose.

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