Teddy Bridgewater Spurns The Dolphins?

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My number one option for the Dolphins in free agency as a replacement for Ryan Tannehill, Teddy Bridgewater is reportedly going to re-sign with the New Orleans Saints and sit behind Drew Brees who turns 40 this year as his future replacement in a system with Sean Payton.

Teddy Bridgewater is 26 years old coming off devastating knee injury but has the talent to be a very good quarterback in NFL, I had hoped that the Dolphins would be able to bring him aboard as a replacement for Ryan Tannehill and allow him to prove his worthiness of being a starting quarterback again in the NFL with his hometown team the Dolphins.

Apparently Teddy Bridgewater is happy where he’s at and who can argue with him in that decision but it goes to show that “The Dolphin Seer” was on Target when I suggested he should be the quarterback that they pursue from our reports they did have an offer on the table for him.

This goes under it was meant to be category, because if Teddy is willing to remain a backup rather than come home to Miami, Start and lead the Dolphins. I find a fundamental flaw in his thinking and he is not the QB we need.

Most likely those are the reasons why the name Tyrod Taylor has been coming up lately as an option for the Miami Dolphins in free agency. I hope something happens other than the one option some are bringing up of Ryan Tannehill renegotiating his contract and staying in Miami

Another disappointment for me in the early 2019 free agency. As Bridgewater decides to re-sign with the Saints from all reports.

Unless there’s still an option for the Dolphins to sweeten the pot to get him to come to Miami.

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