Parker Signs 2 Year Extension….(I’m Shocked!)

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In a move that totally comes out of left field that even your “Dolphin Seer” did not expect DeVante Parker gets a two-year extension to remain with the Miami Dolphins. I am totally shocked that this regime decided to hang onto DeVante Parker.

I think he needs to get a fresh start somewhere else because he’s been a total bust in my opinion he was one of the ones I expected the Dolphins to move on from but instead they have agreed to give him another shot it’s basically a one year (let’s try it out and see how it goes) contract with no guarantees beyond this season.

When you factor in all the money that’s being thrown around out there in free agency maybe it makes a little sense, I just don’t see this kid ever living up to his true abilities but apparently the current coaches do, so once again I’ll yield to their expertise because I know they know better than my lying eyes do. I’m not rooting against DeVante Parker its just that like Ryan Tannehill I’ve given up on Parker.

The deal is reportedly worth up to 13 million dollars with about 3 million in incentives which I am a proponent of, it takes away his fifth year option worth 9.5 million and gives him two years with a lower base with the ability to make a little more with the incentives.

Parker does fit in the youth movement as he is just 26 years old full of potential but in my opinion will never ever live up to the talent he possess due to his mental makeup I look forward to him proving me wrong.

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